Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Matt Ham: An Unlikely Journey

Please welcome Matt Ham to the blog today. Matt and I crossed paths through a My 500 Words writing challenge put out by Jeff Goins at the beginning of this year. In addition to raising a family with his wife, Liz, Matt is a speaker and author of a soon-to-be-released book called Redefine Rich. I am honored to have Matt here today to share with you a bit about what living richly means to him.


Sometimes there are moments in your life marked by an undeniable feeling, something that can’t be explained in natural occurrences or resolved by circumstance. For me, these moments of clarity bring about a humility that reminds me of the grand design which we are fortunate to participate in. The belief that we are part of a bigger story than we could ever imagine.

When I first encountered the story of Peyton Fontenot as told my her mother, Sarah, I knew it was such a moment…

About eight months prior, this insurance agent and father of three had embarked upon the most unlikely journey of writing a book. Interestingly enough, that moment held a similar feeling. It was an odd yet purposeful whisper, a suggestion to write a book about uncovering the true meaning of an elusive word: rich.

As I began poring over my own past and the stories of others, I began to see an uncommon theme beneath the surface of this common word.

For most, richness was defined by material well-being and financial prowess. However, when asked, most people would describe what made them rich in more heart-level terms, deeper, more complex descriptions not revealed by the cultural norms.

This paradigm puzzled me and sent me on a journey to unlock the mystery of true wealth, a new perspective on the Good Life.

I ran head-on into a buzz saw of adversity.

I found a common theme in the lives of all people: brokenness. For many, the exterior facade of wholeness was a disguise used to cover a shattered soul. The one common denominator in their lives was pain. However, the differentiator was not the pain itself, it was the response of the individual in the midst of their suffering.

It was about that time when I first read about Sarah and Ron’s story.

In that moment, the correlation between my findings and the kindred journey they had been walking was too coincidental for fate. It felt purposeful. I believed I was supposed to include their story in my book.

I wanted to reach out to them, but fear screamed at me so loudly.

“They’ll think you’re crazy. How could you possibly ask them? It’s too soon. That’s just rude.”

I’ve come to learn that fear loves to waste my time.

Hope doesn’t.

Hope never disappoints because it’s built on a foundation of faith that regardless of the outcome—there are plans greater than our own. Our course is marked and we will be guided, divinely.

Sarah and Ron were gracious to share their story and the remarkable life of their daughter, Peyton. This blessing has enriched the lives of many.

Since then, I have been fortunate to become a steward of these stories, an unlikely shepherd of sorts. Anytime that I begin to rationalize how they have culminated in this book is nothing short of a miracle.

But I do know, this journey has changed me. It has given me a new perspective on that common word that will forever give it uncommon purpose.

My hope is that it would do the same for you.

I would invite you to join us.

You may find that richness has been waiting for you.

It just took knowing your part in the story.
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