Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thankful Thursday - Year 3 Week 30


adjective \ˈthaŋk-fəl\
: glad that something has happened or not happened, that something or someone exists, etc.
: of, relating to, or expressing thanks

Welcome to this edition of Thankful Thursday!  Whether you're here for the first time or have been visiting each week for a while, I am so glad you have taken the time to visit.

I am thankful for many things this week including:

* The end of fourth grade!  This is been the most challenging year, by far.  Fourth grade is just more "difficult" in general.  What is being taught is more advanced than Moira's had, of course, but it wasn't as much of a "little kid" grade {if that makes sense} than we've been used to.  Also, there was a change in the curriculum this past school year.  This was our first year in the "Common Core" curriculum.  It was a complete change in how the kids are being taught, not just what they are being taught.  Moira finished out the school year with about a 95% average, so I am pretty darned proud of her!

* Play dates!  This is not something Moira has had much experience with over the years - with her classmates, that is.  She plays with the neighborhood kids, sure, but she has never really been part of any play date groups with other kids in her class.  Yesterday she had a play date with her best friend from school.  They hadn't seen each other in about 5 days and it was crazy how excited Moira was to see her!  You'd think they'd been separated for months!

* Summer reading.  I've been plowing through so many books lately.  Fiction - mostly crime fiction.  I finally hit a book that I just could not get into.  It's still sitting on my nightstand with 5 or 6 other library books of the same genre, bookmark in place at about page 40 - where it has been for days.  I decided that maybe I needed a break from this genre, so I reverted back to my Kindle and began a YA {young adult} fiction book that had been on there for ages, unread.  I got through that fairly quickly and even began another YA book of a different series.  I left that, however, and picked up one of my library books.  I would like to read them before they are due after all!  What are you reading this summer?

What are you thankful for this week?

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