Friday, February 14, 2014

February 2014 Birchbox

My February Birchbox has arrived!  If you have been coming here to check up on my reviews each month, you may have noticed that I skipped the January review.  I did receive a box but, as with the previous few boxes, I wasn't over the moon excited about it and, honestly, just didn't feel like taking the time to do a review.  My February box arrived on Wednesday and I was much more pleased with it!

For the February box, Birchbox has teamed up with Us Weekly for some great products with awards season in mind.  Here is what my box contained this month:

AYRES | Bar Soap in Patagonia:  As soon as I opened my box, I could smell the lovely fragrance of this soap.  The sample is in a pretty package and is about the size of a hotel soap.  I know I am going to be wishing it was a bigger bar!  Full Size: $10

Beauty Protector | Protect & Oil:  This is the third product in the Beauty Protector lineup which I have had a chance to sample through Birchbox.  I have used a variety of oils and thought this one was great.  Full Size: $25.95 {was listed as $21.95 on the card inside my Birchbox}

Eleven Skin | Perfection Eye Cream + Concealer:  Between Birchbox and another monthly beauty sampler, I have received several eye creams lately.  This is the first one which is actually tinted with a concealer.  The texture is very smooth and the color is great for me!  Full Size: $30

Juara | Candlenut Body Creme:  I always enjoy trying different body lotions, so I'm happy to try this one!  My skin tends to get pretty dry in the winter months and this product seems to indicate that it is great for reducing roughness.  Can't wait to see how it works!  Full Size: $35

Juicy Couture | Couture La La Malibu:  It seems like most of the fragrance samples I receive are by Juicy Couture.  I actually thought this was a repeat until I saw "Malibu".  I am currently using a previously received sample of "Couture La La", which is apparently something altogether different.  I think they are running out of names!  Doesn't matter.  I like it!  Full Size: $52-$72

I was definitely more impressed with my February Birchbox than I have been with the previous few months.  I'm not sure what it was, but I was feeling like I was in a Birchbox rut.  I am now, hopefully, out of it and am back on a better track.  I truly was more impressed with this month's box.  I know it's "only" $10 a month and it can be a little hit or miss at times, but after a few months of "miss" you start to really want to feel like you're getting what you're paying for.  I feel better now.


If you are interested in Birchbox, it's $10 a month for the subscription.  You earn 10 points for every $10 spent.  When you've spent $100, you earn $10 to use in their shop!  You can also earn points shopping in their online shop.  Referring friends will get you even more points!

If you are interested in subscribing for yourself, click HERE to receive more information!

If you already subscribe to Birchbox, what was in your box this month??

{note: the opinions expressed in this post are strictly my own and I have in no way been compensated for this review}

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