Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My 500 Words

Writing has been such a challenge for me lately.  For months I have struggled putting pen to paper - or fingers to keys as it were.  My heart hasn't been in it.  Sure, I have written blog posts since we lost Peyton in May, but most of them were not gripping, "from the heart" posts.  Reviews of monthly beauty boxes are fun, but they aren't really where it's at for me in terms of developing my writing skills!

Today I saw someone post a link to a writing challenge.  I looked at the post and thought to myself "This is it!  This is what I need!"  The challenge is Jeff Goins' My 500 Words.  If you click on that link, you will be taken to information on the writing challenge.  In a nutshell, the challenge is to write or blog 500 words a day, every day in the month of January.  The idea is that you will form a habit of writing and even hone your writing skills during this time.  I'm in!

It is my hope that the My 500 Words challenge will bring me back into the world of writing via this blog.  I long to feel inspired.  I just haven't been inspired to write anything that was truly meaningful.  Blogging had kind of lost its luster for me.  With everything going on in my life the past several months, it makes sense that any real writing efforts would take a backseat to reality.

I have attempted writing a few posts since May that were inspired by the faithfulness of God which I have witnessed over and over again.  I want to write about my faith journey and things that inspire me.  Sadly, my life experience lately draws from loss, grief, mourning, and sad things.  I don't want to be the downer of the blogging world.  I want to lift up and encourage others.  Perhaps someone else out there is going through a difficult season and can gain something from one of my posts.  It's hard as the writer, though, because the topics I write about sometimes are heavier and less "fun" than might be found over on another blog.

Here's the other side.  I could write about all kinds of "happy" things.  I could make up a fantastical world of joy and happiness so that you, the reader, would leave here with a smile each and every time.  It would bring joy and lightness to your soul.  But you know what?  It wouldn't be real.  I don't think anyone's life is all sunshine and rainbows.  Mine certainly hasn't been.  But it's not all tears and tragedy either.  Mixed in with the tears and sorrow are the blessings that I am uncovering because I have seen God's hand at work in my life throughout this season.

As we begin a new year, it is my hope that I can bring about some changes in my life, including my writing here on this blog.  I want to be more intentional.  I want to connect with you, the reader, more than I have been able to.  I want to be able to share what is on my heart, even if that means sharing some of the trials.  I don't want those trials to be the sole focus.  I want to use them to share how God has worked through the difficult times.  To bring glory and honor to Him.  Yes, there will be some lighter fare on the blog such as product or book reviews and other such things.  I hope this will be a place where you can come and experience some of Him while you are here and leave encouraged.

{if you're counting - that was 612 words for my first 500 Word post!}
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