Sunday, January 5, 2014

My 500 Words: Day 5 - Passing Time

Here it is.  Another weekend.  I truly do look forward to them even if those two days aren't looking a whole lot different from any other day of the week right now.  Wake up.  Get myself ready for the day.  Sit down with my foot propped up.  Read.  Do stuff online.  Read some more.  Get up.  Sit down with my foot propped up.  You get the picture.  Such is the life of someone recovering from tendon repair surgery.

There is very little that I can do at the moment.  Or so it seems.  When I don't have my foot propped up, I'm getting around on crutches.  I cannot put any weight on my foot yet.  It will probably be another week or so until that happens.  My guess is that when I am finally able to do some weight-bearing, it will still be with the aid of crutches for a little while.  My right foot is pretty weak these days and I can't even imagine putting my full weight on it right now.

As I sit here passing time, I see so much around me that needs my attention.  There's a lot of organizing to do.  Housework too, but Ron's doing a pretty decent job of keeping up with the day to day stuff.  The only really chore I have been able to do lately is the laundry.  A couple days after surgery, I started doing laundry as a way to get myself moving.  It certainly wasn't easy given that I was in a really bulky, heavy cast and on crutches.  I needed to get moving because of my recent history of having blood clots in my lungs.  The laundry room is located off the first floor room I've been occupying for a while now.  It's fairly easily accessible and the laundry bins are right there, so why not.  The only problem is that I can't carry anything so long as I'm using crutches.  I enlisted Ron's help today, having him transfer the mountain of clean laundry to my bed so I could sit down and fold everything.  Do I know how to have a good time or what?!?!

I'm really tired.  I have been for a very long time.  I have difficulty sleeping - have had for years.  Unfortunately I cannot take my prescription for helping me sleep because of the pain meds.  I guess I have to pick my battles.  I'd rather be tired and in less pain.  I want to read and do something productive, but I'm so tired.  Even reading seems difficult some days.  I'm trying to at least do that though.  I can't just sit here doing absolutely nothing!

I'm fairly dependent on other people right now.  Many thanks to Ron and Moira who have been so helpful!  If I want something, I almost always need help.  I have attempted getting myself lunch but it's hard doing that because of the crutches, though I have tried.  Once I have it, I can't carry it, so as long as Moira's around I have someone to help with that.  Ron's been a huge support.  He's done so much for me at home.  Not to mention all the errand-running he's had to do completely on his own, as well as being my chauffeur when I need to go to an appointment.  I haven't driven since I hurt my ankle on September 8th!!  Isn't that crazy?  I haven't gone this long without driving since before I got my driver's license as a teenager!

And so I sit here at home, hobbling around occasionally, passing the time until I can literally get back on my feet again.  I push myself as much as I can within the limitations I have right now.  I look forward to the time - hopefully not too far off - when I can return to a normal existence!

{if you're counting - that was 643 words for my fifth My 500 Words post, for a total of 4,100 this month!}
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