Friday, January 24, 2014

My 500 Words: Day 24 - It's Friday!

I find myself wrapping up this week with very little motivation to write.  That's probably not the best way to begin a post, is it?  The truth is, I've just not been feeling great the past couple of days.  On Tuesday night, my head started feeling strange.  Not congested necessarily.  Just strange.  I woke up Wednesday morning with a scratchy throat and a headache.  I've felt like that ever since.  I dislike colds and sore throats.  Since I am working on this writing challenge, I am pushing myself to write today!

As the week wears down, I also find myself making good improvements with my ankle.  I haven't used my crutches since first thing Tuesday morning!  I'm hobbling along alright without them, but it hurts!  It's not just hurting where the incision is.  My heel and the back of my ankle are hurting.  I suppose they just aren't used to all this activity.  Despite the pain, I am persisting with my attempts at walking.  I still haven't made it up the stairs yet, but that will come in time.  I have been able to get laundry done since a few days after surgery.  Up until a few days ago, this involved a lot of balancing on one leg and hopping on my good foot to get the task done.  It's ever so much easier when you can put your other foot down and not be hindered by a pair of crutches!  I have also been able to get the dishwasher loaded and unloaded as well as put the dishes away.  I've even been able to get my own meals for the first time in weeks!  Again, it's amazing the difference being able to put both feet on the ground makes!

I've spent some time knitting a bit this week.  I've been making infinity scarves.  I made one as a gift.  The other three are waiting to be listed in my Etsy shop...if I don't decide to keep them.  I would consider keeping two of the three.  One is a dark/light grey mix.  The other is a greyish green.  Lovely colors.  The third is a mustard color.  Not my color, but it is really nice.  I also made a hat yesterday.  I've done very few hats.  Two, to be exact.  Well, three now.  I'm pretty happy with how this one turned out!  I had to learn a couple new stitches for this one, so that's always fun.  I want to challenge myself to start working on projects that force me to learn something new.  This hat turned out to be surprisingly easy.  I may just make more - but in different colors.  Ron even said he would like one in the school colors of his alma mater, Notre Dame.  I could do that.

Tonight, Ron and I are heading out to church to a "Married Life Ministry" event for couples.  This is the first one they have done.  I love how our church has the desire to pour into the lives of married couples so that their marriages may be enriched and strengthened.  I am excited to hear what they have to share!

We have no plans whatsoever for this weekend aside from church commitments.  Maybe our Christmas tree will come down.  Who knows.  Yes, it is still up.  I haven't exactly been able to get into "undecorating" mode in this post-op stage that I am in right now.  Perhaps now that I can use both feet, I can assist Ron in that this weekend.  We never leave a tree up this long!

What are your plans for the weekend?

{if you're counting - that was 599 words for my twenty-fourth My 500 Words post, for a total of 19,323 this month!}
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