Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My 500 Words: Day 15 - Room Swap

I got it in my head the other day that life in our house would work so much better if only we could just move all kinds of furniture round between three different rooms.  The ultimate goal would be to make the downstairs bedroom the master bedroom that it should be.  Technically, that is what the room is.  However, it was ideal for Peyton since it is on the main level, has its own bathroom, and has easy access to the laundry room off that bathroom.  The "master" was put in one of the two upstairs bedrooms.  I seldom slept up there myself because Peyton required someone with her round the clock.

After discussing my crazy notions with Ron, we decided that a room swap was in order.  The sooner the better.  I've been sleeping on a fold out couch for the past year and a half.  Prior to that, I'd been sleeping on a rickety cot for a few years or so.  I haven't slept in my own bed consistently for that long except for a few weeks prior to my surgery in December.  Crazy, right??

The room swap began last night after dinner.  Bear in mind that I cannot participate in any of this because of my foot.  Ron knew he would have to bear the brunt of the physical labor involved.  He enlisted the help of our neighbor to move the furniture around.  This was no small feat.  Aside from a queen mattress and box spring, Ron's big, tall, heavy wooden dresser had to come down.  Mine would never have made it upstairs in the first place, so it was already residing in the downstairs room.  That is a lot of work, but the worst piece of furniture to move was the full size sleeper sofa that I had been sleeping on which I wanted moved upstairs.  Here's the kicker.  Our stairwell is not a straight shot up from the downstairs.  It's a not-very-wide u-shaped stairwell that wraps around the pantry in the kitchen on up to the second floor.  There was essentially no wiggle room whatsoever, but somehow some way, Ron and Andy got that sucker upstairs and into the room!

Once the furniture was moved around, we got our new comforter set onto the bed and thought, this is nice.  It is going to be nice so nice to get this space set up as a proper master bedroom that is not so much a catch-all room for all the junk that has nowhere to be stored properly.  It's going to be a work in progress, that's for sure.  A lot will have to wait until my ankle is feeling a lot better.  I can't go upstairs at the moment, but once I can get up there, there is going to be a lot of cleaning out going on.  I want to get that upstairs room set up as a nice sitting room.  It has the sleeper sofa, so it will double as a guest room when we have visitors.

There's plenty of work ahead, but the first major step in this room swap is complete!  I can't wait to see what it's going to look like in the end.

{if you're counting - that was 535 words for my fifteenth My 500 Words post, for a total of 11,930 this month!}
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