Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My 500 Words: Day 14 - My Day

Yesterday I shared about how I am having to pace myself as I recover from surgery.  I have to be careful to not overdo so that I can function the next day.  I'm learning my limits as I go.  Some days are better than others, that's for sure.  I am not a month and a couple days past surgery and I am finally able to do just a little bit more than I was, including getting out of the house more.

I've been able to get back out to church a couple times now.  This has been wonderful for me.  Very hard on me physically, but it's definitely something I have been missing.  I love the online platform our church has, but there is something about being right there physically in the building with a large community of people worshiping God together.

I've managed to get out to eat a couple times recently.  While this is an area we are trying to cut back on, it's also something we do enjoy.  As long as there's an extra chair at the table so that I can put my foot up, I seem to do alright.

Yesterday was one of my busiest days so far.  Ron and I met with one of our pastors for lunch yesterday.  We wanted to share a bit more of our story with him.  We have led a few small group sessions and we wanted to talk with him about small groups and the married life ministry and try to figure out how we can use our story to encourage others.  I was grateful for this opportunity.  We'll see where God leads us in this area.

I have been doing a little bit of knitting the last few days.  When I got home from lunch, I set about working on a scarf.  I started and finished one the day before and I decided I wanted to work on another.  I didn't have the exact same thickness of yarn as I'd used in the previous scarf but I thought I could just use what I did have, add extra stitches and it would all come out fine.  And this is true.  Except for one thing.  Because it's a little thinner than what I used the day before {though not as thing as "regular" weight yarn}, it takes several more rows of knitting to accomplish the same width of scarf.  I'm knitting on circular needles, so if you aren't familiar, you just keep knitting continuously around in a circle.  I have knit far more rows than I ever did for that first scarf, yet I feel like I've gotten nowhere!  Oh well.  It will get finished.  Eventually.

As I sat knitting {where I sit much of the day every day}, my mind wandered to thoughts of what to do about this room.  I think in terms of "when I'm feeling better..." as I try to sort out my thoughts on how to organize this room as well as other parts of the house that I can't even get to these days {upstairs....it's been over a month since I've been up there!}.  I've been residing in Peyton's former room.  Our master bedroom is downstairs and, because of all of her needs, it was easiest to put her there.  It worked out well.  For many reasons, over the past few years or more, I had been in her room with her.  After she passed away, I had a really hard time leaving her room.  Then I had sun poisoning from a day at the beach and I couldn't even climb the stairs.  Then I hurt my ankle.  There there was the pulmonary embolism.  And then the surgery.  For a few weeks somewhere in there, I did actually return to the actual master bedroom upstairs, but most of the time it's been either too difficult for me to leave this space or nearly impossible for me to get upstairs.

Part of this whole "one word" thing {my word for this year is RENEW} is about restoring myself.  Part of that means that I need to return to some form of normal living.  The last couple days, my thoughts have wandered from what I could do with this room to what needs to be done in Moira's room and what could be done in the other room upstairs.  Moira's room has been a "catch all" room since we moved in here a year and a half ago.  There's no basement or garage, so storage is limited.  It's not a tiny house, but it's not huge either and much of our furniture hasn't ever really been where it should be because of space issues.  Moira's got two big pieces of furniture in her room for lack of anywhere else to put them.  They aren't even hers.  There's just no other place for them.

So yesterday I got a vision for how I saw how the three bedrooms were supposed to "work".  We need to reclaim Moira's space.  Her room is a constant disaster and much of it isn't even her fault.  There's just nowhere to put stuff.  And a lot of it is just "stuff".  I really need to get in there...again...and pull things out to send off to Goodwill or some such place.  Ron and I need to reclaim our space.  In my plan in my head it all works out.  The master bedroom needs to be downstairs in Peyton's room.  We need to get this room I am in set up as such.  It's going to involve a lot of physical labor, none of which I can be a part of.  Then there's stuff from in here that would need to go upstairs - the fold out couch I've been sleeping on for months as well as a bookcase.

I don't envy the ones who will have to move the furniture.  The couch and the bigger pieces from Moira's room need to go in the other upstairs bedroom.  That room was actually built as a "loft" which, in this house plan, is a little weird.  We are renting from owners who decided to close off the area that was open to the downstairs with built-in bookshelves.  It's great because we have tons of books!  I want to somehow get the couch in there.  One of the big pieces in Moira's room is a computer armoire.  It needs to go in there too.  I am envisioning a comfortable and quiet space for reading, writing, or just "being".  It is the quietest space in the house {we're an outside end of a unit of townhouses}.  In my mind, it would be a wonderful space.

Ron and I had discussions yesterday about our thoughts on this.  The biggest goal is getting us back together in one space.  We made a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond last night armed with a 20% off coupon, a gift card we'd gotten for Christmas, bags containing a multi-piece comforter set, and a plan.  After following the washing instructions on that bedding set just a few months ago, the material melted in the dryer.  Uh...what??  BB&B is wonderful with returns.  I still had the receipt.  They took it back, no questions asked.  We picked out another new set.  We saw the same one sitting on the shelf.  As much as we liked it, we didn't want to take the risk.  We got a new set for the same value.  We as got drapes to hang in Peyton's room. There are blinds, but there have never been drapes.  If it's going to be the master, it's going to have drapes.  I guess it just wasn't much of a priority item.  We never really thought about it.  We also got the curtain rod to hang the drapes.  I think it will look lovely once it's all together.

The outing nearly did me in.  Crutching it around BB&B is not for the faint of heart.  I lost the jacket pretty early on.  By the time we left, I felt in need of a shower!  Ron and Moira went next door to Barnes & Noble so Moira could pick out a book for a book report.  Turns out she won't be able to use it.  That's another post in itself, but my 9 year old has the reading level of a young adult.  They have to pick a book in their lexile range.  When I pulled up the list of books for her range, there was a lot of "older person" content.  I think David Copperfield is a bit above her!  Sigh.  As my friend said on facebookAnyway, so I spent some more time online figuring it out.  I think we've settled on Anne of Green Gables as her first assignment.  Must get the teacher's approval first!

That pretty much sums up my day.  It was full.  It was busy.  It resulted in a long blog post.  But it's encouraging because I feel like I'm getting more into the groove of daily writing {hope you don't mind!} and because of the things I actually physically accomplished.  These are all good things!

OH, I forgot - I also cleaned my toilet while balancing on one foot!

{if you're counting - that was 1,532 words for my fourteenth My 500 Words post, for a total of 11,395 this month!}
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