Sunday, January 12, 2014

My 500 Words: Day 12 - Food Plans

As I sit here recovering from peroneal tendon surgery on my right ankle {yes, it is about as much fun as it sounds}, I look around and consider all there is to do.  I have shared that before, but it's something I think about much of the time.  I am getting anxious to get to that place in my recovery where I can begin to take on more difficult tasks around the house and be of more use.

One thing we are working on right now is eating healthier.  We're seriously limiting our restaurant and take out food sources right now.  We know it's not healthy, but it's certainly convenient when the person who stays home isn't able to cook at the moment!  Fortunately I have a husband who has been very intentional these days about making sure we are eating better.  It's great that "we" decided to cut back on restaurant food, but it's he who has to make all the meals - and he's also the one who works a full time job.  I am very grateful.

I have been spending time poring over posts on Pinterest.  I would say the vast majority of posts that i am re-pinning in the food department do not fit into the "healthy eating" category, but I'm sorry - one of these days, I am going to have to try that Peanut Butter Cup Brownie Batter Dip.  That said, when I can't get up, grab a pile of cookbooks, and head back to the couch with them {I'm on crutches!}, Pinterest is pretty handy for seeking out new recipes...healthy and otherwise.

I have seen multiple posts on Facebook for these great freezer cooking plans.  You know - the ones where you go out and spend a couple hundred or more dollars on food, bring it all home, and then spend one day preparing a month's worth of meals to stick in the freezer.  I would love to do that.  I'm just not sure all the recipes in these plans are things that I'd eat.  Because they are simple and are supposed to be more budget friendly, I am seeing a lot of recipe ideas that contain items which might fall on the "naughty list".

So, I have a plan.  At least I have formed the notion of having a plan in my head for now.  Once I am able to stand on my own two feet, I'd love to come up with a meal plan.  I've never had a meal plan laid out on a calendar for our family.  I would really like to try this.  We don't have a huge freezer, so I think it's unrealistic to plan a month's worth of meals.  We'd have no place to store them all!  I'd like to have a plan in mind so that when I am ready, I can set aside a Saturday to prepare perhaps two weeks worth of meals.  Maybe I set aside two Saturdays a month to do this so that we've always got meals on hand.

Do you do a family meal plan?  If you have links to share, please add them in the comments!  I'd love to see what you are doing.

For now, here's a teaser for a recipe we've been eating fairly regularly around here.  You can find the full recipe over HERE.

{if you're counting - that was 557 words for my twelfth My 500 Words post, for a total of 8,876 this month!}
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