Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Barefaced Beauty

Yesterday I stumbled upon a video on my Facebook feed.  Originally posted on YouTube on February 25, 2013, this video highlights National Eating Disorder Awareness Week by talking about eating disorders as well as beauty.  NEDAwareness Week falls the week of February 23 through March 1 this year, but the presented is a critical ongoing issue.  It doesn't affect people one week a year.  By highlighting this issue now, it may just help one person who can't wait another month for the help they need now.

While wearing makeup in and of itself does not cause eating disorders, for some young girls {and even grown women}, wearing makeup is as much a part of how they define themselves as their weight.  I am not a professional, but it would seem that the need to wear makeup in our culture is as important as the need for clothing, food, shelter and so on.  Ok, maybe that's a bit extreme, but I know there are women out there who flat out refuse to leave their house without makeup on.

Now, I will say again, wearing makeup is not a bad thing.  I wear it most of the time myself.  But some girls and women have it in their minds that they are not beautiful unless they are perfectly primped.  Hair, makeup, clothes...it's all part of the package that makes you beautiful.  Right??


You are beautiful!  Just the way you are.  Inside and outside.  You do not need to spend hours in front of the mirror to make yourself beautiful!  We need to teach this to the younger generations.  I have a nine year old daughter.  She's not yet asking about makeup - and for that I am very thankful!  But there are girls her age who are!  I see some of the older girls in her school and it frightens me.  When did we stop letting our little girls be little girls?  Ladies, you need to understand that it is truly your inner beauty that is important.  We need to be modeling this for our daughters.
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As a 41 year old woman, I am still horribly self-conscious about my appearance.  Just ask my husband how much I love compliments on how beautiful he thinks I am.  Notice that I said "he"??  As a child, I was bullied.  I remember vividly the comments directed towards me about how ugly I was.  You know, if someone tells you enough times, you start to believe it.  Fortunately, I have never developed an eating disorder because of this, but I have suffered all my life with low self esteem.  To this day, I still think I'm that ugly kid.  Is that how we want our children growing up?  Don't get me wrong, I'm not losing sleep over it these days, but when I look in the mirror, I don't see someone worthy of the red carpet by any stretch of the imagination.

Girls off all ages - don't let yourself fall into this trap.  YOU are beautiful.  You don't need an entire cosmetics department spackled on your face to show that to the world.  Be YOU!  

This is me just moments ago, sans makeup:

In recognition of beautiful women all around the world, some of us bloggers are going "barefaced" today in order to spread this message.  You can also check out my friends Sarah, Aleisha, and Heather as they do the same.  If you want to join in, link up your post in the comments.  Tweet it.  Facebook it.  Google+ it.  Just remember to #barefacedbeauty it!

Dove also has a great video on "Selfies".  Check it out here.  You can hashtag #BeautyIs too!

{if you're counting - that was 608 words for my twenty-eighth My 500 Words post, for a total of 19,931 this month!}
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