Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thankful Thursday #LinkUp - Year 3 Week 5

It's Thankful Thursday!  Welcome to this weekly link up, whether you're here for the first time or a long-time follower.  I appreciate you being here!  I can't believe we're already half-way through December.  Where has the year gone??

As you read this, there is a chance that I am at the hospital getting ready for, having, or recovering from my surgery.  It's today at 1:30 pm EST.  I am so ready to have this behind me!

This week I am thankful for:

*  Excellent doctors.  I know that I'm in good hands as I go through this surgery today.  I know the doctors have this and so does God.  I'm not worried about it.

*  Starting to see a light at the end of a very long tunnel.  I injured my ankle a little over 3 months ago, so this has been a long road made even longer by the surgery delay due to the blood clots in my lungs.  I have longed to be on the other side of the surgery.  Once I'm on that side, even though there will be much pain and I'll be back to being fairly limited in what I can do {more so than when I injured my ankle in the first place}, at least I will be on the side where true recovery can begin.  I'm been "in waiting" for this surgery for a while now knowing that without it, the tendon is not going to repair itself.  Once the surgery is finished, it'll still be a long road ahead, but the road leads to proper healing.

*  Family and friends who have been so supportive.  My mother in law is in town for her pre-Christmas visit, but the timing worked out so that she would be here for my surgery.  I am grateful for the help we'll have.  I'm also grateful to Ron and Moira.  I know this hasn't been a great road for them either.  The stress and worry over me in addition to me not being able to do all that I normally could do - I know that has to be wearing on them.  I am so thankful for all they've done and all they will be doing in the days and weeks ahead.  Lord, forgive me for any lack of patience or frustration I may have during that time as well!  I know everyone will be doing their best to help.  For friends who have also been there with us on this road and who have offered their help in the coming days, I am also very thankful.

*  For the opportunity to spread the word about a project for a friend's medical mission trip to Togo.  You can read all about that HERE or click on the button on my right sidebar for the "Loom Bracelets for Togo".  If you've got kids who are in to making Rainbow Loom bracelets, this is a great opportunity to expose them to global missions in a tangible way.

What are you thankful for this week?  Feel free to grab a button and link up your "thankful" posts below!

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