Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Loom Bracelets for Togo: A Missions Project

One of the current trends among kids these days seems to be the loom.  There are various brands including the ever popular Rainbow Loom.  If you have one of these in your house, then I'm sure you must find yourself finding those tiny colorful rubber bands all over your house.  You may also find yourself the proud owner hundreds of these little bracelets, lovingly given to you by your children, neighbors, students, or any other child you might happen upon.

I recently came upon a great opportunity through someone from my church that will help support the medical missions team which she is part of that is traveling to Togo, West Africa.  I want to share this with you today.  It may help you decide what you can do with all those bracelets!  Let me introduce Lisa to you as she shares this opportunity with you:

Are you looking at all those rainbow loom bands, and wondering what in the world your child is going to do with all 50 million of them?  I would like to help you out with that problem! 

As a part of our children’s ministry that we will do on our mission to Togo in West Africa, we would like to see each child receive a pre-made rainbow bracelet. I think it would be an incredible and meaningful way to share the gospel with the children in Togo explaining to them, just like each one of these bracelets were specially made, that their Heavenly Father made each of them with even more love, thought, and prayer.

Not to mention, it would be a really cool way to introduce your children to global missions and show them that they can make a HUGE impact on their world around them.

I am daring to believe that we will be able to collect 2,000 bracelets to take over by February 1st …would you be willing to help me make this happen? 

Thank you, Lisa!  When I heard about this opportunity, I was moved by it.  My daughter doesn't even have a loom {yet...}, but something stirred in me to help reach out to others to spread the word to see if we can't help Lisa reach her goal of 2,000 bracelets.  I told some of my neighbors.  Last Friday night, we got together and between two moms and a couple kids {this is not just for girls, you know!}, we made 65 bracelets.  Another girl in the neighborhood added about 10 or so to the bucket on Sunday.  Our goal is to keep working together to fill that bucket.  As we are making the bracelets, we as adults are sharing the message of what "missions" means and who this is helping and how it is helping.  We found ourselves with children very eager to learn more about missions and communities outside their own.

I believe in a BIG God who can provide in BIG ways.  I would love it if you'd take part in this with us.  You don't have to be local to me.  If you are, great!  Let me know and we can figure out how to get these from you.  I've also got people who live out of state who have expressed an interest in helping out.  There are so many kids excited about helping out.  I have been really touched by this - and I'm not even the one going on the mission trip!  We're all part of one greater community.  We're just members helping other members of that community.  If you want to help out, please let me know.  I would like to be able to have everything by the end of January so that it can be dropped off to Lisa at the beginning of February.  You can connect with me either by clicking on the white envelope under the connect button on my right sidebar.  Or you can simply click HERE and it will take you to an email form.

I'd love to be a part of this with you!

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