Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Show and Tell Faith

I am excited to introduce to my blog's sponsor for this month - a company called Show & Tell Faith.  Perhaps you've heard of them already.  If not, you need to check them out!

Show And Tell Faith Jewelry
{source: http://showandtellfaith.com/}
Show & Tell Faith offers a line of faith-inspired charm necklaces.  One of my favorites is this one inspired by Proverbs 17:17:

Under His Wings
{source: http://www.showandtellfaith.com/item_161/Under-His-Wings.htm}
What I love about this necklace is that you can purchase the charm on its own for $14 or you can customize your necklace by adding the wings and the pearl charms on an 18" chain for $24 {or a 24" chain for $25}.  If the wings and pearl charms aren't what you are looking for, you can swap them for one that does suit your needs.

I also am in love with this necklace:

Grateful {Blessings}
{source: http://www.showandtellfaith.com/item_143/Grateful-Blessings.htm}
This necklace comes ask shown, on a 24" ball chain for $39.  Can you say "birthday gift"??  {hint, hint Ron!!}  This would be perfect.  Every week for almost two full years, I have been hosting a Thankful Thursday link up.  The concept of gratitude and being grateful and thankful in all circumstances is very important in my life.   I cannot say enough how much I love this necklace!

This is yet another charm I am loving right now:

{source: http://www.showandtellfaith.com/item_142/Beloved.htm}
Show & Tell Faith now also has a line of homegoods that I am really excited to share with you as well!  {Again, Ron...hint hint!!}  From your morning coffee to dinner time to relaxing on your couch, you can find things to remind you of God's love for you.  I would like one of everything from this shop.  Seriously.

Coffee & Jesus Mug
{source: http://www.showandtellfaith.com/item_210/Coffee-Jesus-Mug.htm}
Noel pillow
{source: http://www.showandtellfaith.com/item_196/Noel-pillow.htm}
Be Still & Know pillow
{source: http://www.showandtellfaith.com/item_184/Be-Still-Know-pillow.htm}
Be Thankful placemat
{source: http://www.showandtellfaith.com/item_188/Be-Thankful-placemat.htm}
Be sure to check out Show & Tell Faith.  You can also find them on Facebook.  I am off to check out their wares myself.  Thank you, Show & Tell Faith, for allowing me to help promote your beautiful shop!

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