Monday, October 14, 2013

October 2013 Birchbox Review

My October Birchbox arrived over the weekend!  The past few boxes have not been overly exciting, so I was curious to see what was in store for this month.

The theme of the October box is "Beauty Box".  In addition to the product samples, I received a baggie containing a "Birchbox Find".  More on that below.

Here's what my October Birchbox contained: 

Alison Raffaele | Reality Base Foundation - I was pleased to see a foundation in my box this month.  This product comes in 7 shades {#7 being the darkest} and the sample I received was "skintone 3".  I probably would have gone with a 2 myself, but it's not bad.

Full Price: $38.00.  For $38, I would hope to see better than the 3.5 star rating that it currently has on the Birchbox site.  It's a tad pricey for me.

Liz Earle | Cleanse & Polish TM Hot Cloth Cleanser - This item actually goes along with another item I received in this month's box - the Liz Earle | Pure Muslin Cloth.  The cleanser currently has a 4.5 star rating on the Birchbox site and pricing is comparable to what I currently use.  I'm excited to see how well this works!

Full Price: The Cleanse & Polish retails for $21.50 for 3.3 fl oz.  The Pure Muslin Cloth is sold separately for $6.00.  The idea is that the two are used together.  The two items were packaged together in the pretty blue box.  I kind of feel like I got shorted an item or two in this month's box.

POP Beauty | Aqua Lacquer -  The shade of lip lacquer I received was "Flowering Fuchsia."  The card in the box says that this is a "sheer gloss, which plumps and hydrates with jojoba oil...The cute paddle-style applicator makes for precise lines."

Full Price: $14.00 for 0.34 fl oz.  Of the six shades that the Aqua Lacquer comes in, "Flowering Fuchsia" is the last one that I would have selected.  I might try this in another shade.  The sample size is great and the full price seems fair.  Just not my shade!

In the past, my Birchbox has been rounded out with either a "Lifestyle" or "Beauty Extra".  That was not the case this month.  Instead, the card boasted a "Birchbox Find Alert!"  If you look at the pic of the card below, it says "Look for the baggie with your Birchbox Find, a mass-market discovery we think is just plain awesome.  Don't worry - these are always in addition to, never in place of, your usual samples."  Read: I got 4 items this month plus a "mass market discovery" that was in addition to my "usual samples".  If you look at my review above, the Pure Muslin Cloth went with the Cleanse & Polish sample.  The two items work together, so I consider the two Liz Earle samples one item.  Therefore, I really got three samples plus a "mass market discovery" and no "Lifestyle" or "Beauty Extra" this month.  One could argue that the little Birchbox "find" is a "Beauty Extra", I suppose.  What I am thinking is that, while the line up in this month's box is fantastic, it's a little short on samples.

Oh, and since we're on the subject of the "Birchbox Find", it was ChapStick Hydration Lock in "Vanilla Creme".  I am a sucker for ChapStick and other similar products, so the inclusion of this full size item made me happy!

This month's Birchbox is fantastic.  It was a huge improvement over the last several months in my opinion!  There are definitely some interesting products and, while it seems like it was a sample or two smaller than it might ought to have been, it did include the full sized ChapStick, so that was good.  Also, if I did decide to buy the full size Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish...I already have the Muslin Cloth.  There are a couple items in the box this month which I might consider purchasing or putting my points towards purchasing.

This month's box made me happy!!


If you are interested in Birchbox, it's $10 a month for the subscription.  You earn 10 points for every $10 spent.  When you've spent $100, you earn $10 to use in their shop!  You can earn points shopping in their shop as well.  Also, you can earn points by referring friends! To date, I have used about $60 worth of points for free products!

If you are interested in subscribing for yourself, click HERE to receive more information!

If you already subscribe to Birchbox, what was in your box this month??

{note: the opinions in this post are strictly my own and I have in no way been compensated for this review}

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