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Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill, Las Vegas {Restaurant Review}

Ron and I spent last week in Las Vegas.  You'd think our trip was all about the food if you talked to us about it.  I think, in part, you'd be right!  We honestly did not gamble a dime.  We preferred to take in some shows and eat at a few nice restaurants while we were there instead.  

The other day I posted a review of Gordon Ramsay BurGR, which is located inside of the Planet Hollywood Casino.  Chef Ramsay has other establishments on the Strip - Steak inside of Paris, and a Pub & Grill located inside Caesars Palace.  We chose to dine at Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill for lunch one day.  We had already been to BurGR and had, therefore, set high standards on the quality of food that we would be eating.  Expectations were high simply based on the fact that Gordon Ramsay's name is attached to this restaurant.

As compared to BurGR, the Pub & Grill does not feature their branding on most everything you see in the restaurant - sugar and sweetener packets, yes; plates and napkins, no.

There is a larger than life picture of Chef Ramsay at the very back of the restaurant.  The feature wall in this restaurant is the keg wall as pictured above.  The restaurant opens to the casino in the front, with high tables and stools as well as regular tables and chairs located in the "patio" area.  We were seated at a round table for two with very comfortable wing back chairs.  As with BurGR, there are a lot of dark colors including orange throughout the restaurant.  Some of the wing back chairs are upholstered in a houndstooth fabric, matching the dresses the female servers were wearing.  The apparel on the female staff {hosts and waitresses} are very short and tight little dresses.  It was the same at BurGR, although the Pub & Grill showed a little more cleavage than I wanted with my lunch.  I'm not sure if the dress is a Las Vegas thing or a Gordon Ramsay thing.  Either way, I will say that one would have to maintain a very good figure in order for these dresses to be at all flattering.  Enough about that - I was there for the food.

The lunch menu has several options, sure to please most anyone.  I will say, however, that the prices here are higher than they were at BurGR.  That said, the restaurant itself does appear a little more upscale, so I am sure the menu is priced accordingly.  The lunch menu features a wide variety of English "pub fare" including Corn Soup for a starter, Bangers & Mash, Traditional Shepherd's Pie, Welsh Rarebit Ham Sandwich for your main dish, as well as Sticky Toffee Pudding for dessert.

As at BurGR, the waitress brought around an iPad which features their drink menu.  The iPad is left at the table for you to peruse.  Once you've ordered, it is removed from the table.  It's a pretty interesting concept.

I love looking around at things.  I love taking it all in.  It may seem like a little thing, but I love unique flatware in restaurants.  I thought the pieces at BurGR were very nice, but I really loved the flatware at the Pub & Grill.  Perhaps it's that I've been watching The Tudors on Amazon lately, but I thought these pieces were really unique and fit well with the concept of the restaurant.

We ordered the "Pub Spots" for an appetizer.  Per the menu, these are "3 mini house blend pub burgers, wood grilled, pub burger sauce, welsh cheddar cheese".  We had already dined at BurGR, so we had that experience in our heads as we ate these little sliders.  These little burgers were delicious.  Very simple - just a patty with cheese on a little bun.  They really were quite good, the flavors blending together quite nicely.  But they were not as good as the full-sized Britannia Burger I'd had a couple days prior at BurGR.  That said, I would order the "Pub Spots" again.

Ron inquired as to what the most popular items were on the menu.  He likes to get a sense of what that favorite items are before deciding between the items he's narrowed the menu down to.  The waitress said that the Yorkshire Ale Batter Fish & Chips was the most popular item on the menu, but her favorite was the Irish Beef Cheek Stew.  Ron went with the stew.  The waitress had explained that the meat was braised for twelve hours prior to serving.  Served on a rustic earthenware plate, the Irish Beef Cheek Stew looked incredible and smelled even better.  This menu item features "potato puree, broccolini, roasted baby onions, braising jus".  Ron set about cutting the meat with his knife but quickly discovered the meat to be so tender that it pulled apart beautifully with a fork alone.  The potato puree and brocolini were lovely compliments to this dish.  Ron enjoyed the braising jus immensely.  He commented that it was like nothing he'd tasted before and could not figure out what that flavor was, but he truly enjoyed it.

I went with the ever-popular Yorkshire Ale Batter Fish & Chips.  This selection shouldn't surprise anyone who knows me well!  This meal featured "cod, fresh tarragon tartar sauce, lemon, mushy peas".  Fish and chips can often wind up being a fairly greasy meal.  I did not find this to be the case with mine, which is a good thing!  The fish was incredibly light and flaky.  It literally fell apart as I cut into it.  It was delicious.  The three pieces of cod was more than I could possibly eat, so I shared some with Ron after he finished his stew.  The fries were perhaps a little more mushy than the fries I'd had at BurGR.  They weren't quite as good; however, they were still very tasty and I ate them all!  The mushy peas were an interesting compliment to the meal.  This is not something I can remember ever eating.  Peas, yes.  Mushy peas done like this, no.  They were good and enjoyable as a part of the experience, but I don't think I'd go out of my way to order them on their own.  All in all, I found my meal to be incredibly good.

Unfortunately, we did not have enough room for dessert at this dining experience, although I would love to come back for the Sticky Toffee Pudding or Fresh Strawberry Trifle someday.  Overall, our dining experience was very good.  The atmosphere was a little less casual than Gordon Ramsay BurGR across the Strip.  There was no wait to be seated.  The staff was attentive to our needs.  The food was delicious.  The bill was pretty steep for lunch, but we knew it would be going in to this.  This was truly a treat while we were on vacation.  I think it would be safe to say that we would go back to Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill, but I would also say that we'd probably be more likely to go to BurGR first.

Have you been to Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill yet?  How was your experience?  Comment below to share your thoughts!

Note:  Our visit to Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill was something Ron and I decided to do while in Las Vegas.  I was not asked to review our experience.  I was not compensated in any way for this review.  The views expressed are strictly my own.

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