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Thankful Thursday - Year 2 Week 30! {Link Up}

It's Thankful Thursday!  This week marked one month since Peyton passed away.  I shared some thoughts on that HERE.  These are difficult times.  I know that Peyton has been made whole and is enjoying a new life with the Father in a body that works and I could never wish that away from her, but the sadness I feel at the lack of her physical presence is enormous.  At the same time, I am thankful for so many things in my life:

* For a very successful school year for Moira despite all the challenges we faced as a family, especially right at the end of her school year.  I don't think I would have been able to pull off the all 97% to 99% grades she did under those circumstances.

* For a return to routine health maintenance for me.  I've finally gotten back to the chiropractor and am going regularly.  I have been having lots of muscle, back, neck, arm, shoulder, hand, foot, etc. pain lately and the chiropractor is helping.  I also had some dental work done that was about 2 years overdue.  Lots of stuff got put on the backburner for me.  I'm grateful that I am recognizing that I can take care of these things now.

* For a return to "in person" First Wednesday at church last night!!  This is my favorite church experience.  It's a time of extended worship on the first Wednesday each month.  With Peyton in the hospital, my last two months were experienced via the online campus - which was great....but I love being there in person.  The music was amazing.  The message was given by one or our pastors who is leaving for Denver, CO soon to plant a church.  While we didn't get the chance to know him as well as we'd liked to have, we are grateful for he opportunity we had a while back to participate in a focus group on parenting which he led.  We were also very fortunate to have been blessed with his wife as Peyton's nurse multiple times when she was a patient in the PICU step-down unit - not just the last stay, but no previous stays as well.  We are thankful for the blessing they have been to our family.  We will be praying for them as they take this step of faith and follow what the Lord has called them to do.

* For the rain.  Is that weird??  We are under a tropical storm watch as I write this.  It's been raining the past few days.  I could do without tropical storms and hurricanes, but I love listening to the rain.  There's something very soothing about it.  I am thankful for the beauty that will spring forth as a result of all this rain.

There are so many things to give thanks for.  In all circumstances.  What are you thankful for today?

Outside of the "thankful" post, here is something I shared on Peyton's old CaringBridge page, which I want to share here in case anyone is interested in this {the Thankful Thursday link up is below this}:

I am not sure if you are aware, but a couple months or so before Peyton passed, I began selling Scentsy products.  If you aren't familiar, you can check them out HERE:

This venture has been on the backburner, however, for the past couple months.  I am wanting to get back into it as it is a great opportunity for me and our family.  I decided that as I get going once again with this, I would like to offer an online "party" in her honor.  This party is up and running on my Scentsy site now.  I am going to donate my commissions to an organization that Peyton benefited from several times while she was in the hospital - Happy Wheels.  You can read all about them HERE:

If Peyton was ever in the hospital on a Thursday, she would get a gift from the Happy Wheels cart that volunteers brought around to the units in the Children's Hospital.  One week it would be toys.  The next it would be books.  All items were sorted by age categories so every child in the hospital would have something to choose from.  I know it brightened our day several times and I would like to give something back.  The link to the online party is HERE:

Simply click on that link and it will bring you to the party.  you can browse through the products and purchase online {U.S. residents only - I don't have the capability for international orders at this time}.  Once I close out the party {right now I've got it set to close June 15th}, I will figure out my commission and then I will send that on to Happy Wheels.  If you have any questions, you can email me at  I would love it if you would consider this opportunity.


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