Friday, March 29, 2013

O The Blood

There are times in life when blogging has to take a backseat.  I haven't been writing as much lately because sometimes life takes priority.  When you have a chronically ill family member, it has to.  On Tuesday this week, we found ourselves bringing Peyton to the ER yet again.  We just didn't know what was wrong.  We ultimately found out that she had yet another fracture - her right femur this time.  She was admitted for pain management and we expected to go home.

Sometimes what we expect to happen isn't what actually happens.  Such is the case with us.  On Wednesday morning she sounded horrible.  Just awful.  There was no way she could go home as planned.  She was transferred of the Ortho service and onto the Gen Peds service so they could manage whatever this new respiratory issue was.  We thought she might get home the following day.

Sometimes what we expect to happen isn't what actually happens.  On Thursday morning, Peyton sounded even worse.  She was actually extremely irritable for quite a while.  But then she became listless and eventually just out of it - not herself at all.  In fact, at one point, she was only breathing 6-8 times per minute.  A whole lot transpired, but she was eventually transferred to the PICU step down unit so they could monitor her more closely.

A lot of tests have been run.  A lot of negative results have come back.  The doctors really aren't sure what we are dealing with.  Peyton is very complex and mysterious.  One of the things being followed is her blood counts.  Her hemoglobin was ok on Wednesday - a little low, but in her normal range.  Yesterday it was lower.  Today we found out that her iron was very low and then we found out that her hemoglobin was also very low.  Peyton needed a blood transfusion.  Very soon after finding out that this was going to be necessary, the consent was signed and blood was drawn for cross typing and matching.  Around 3:00pm or so, Peyton's new blood was hung and began it's way into her poor little sick body.

When I stopped to think about it, I was just so thankful that someone somewhere selflessly gave a little bit of themselves so that my child could receive this life-giving blood.  Maybe they were a one-time donor.  Maybe they donated because they knew someone who once needed - or needed for a period of time - the same precious blood.  Maybe they donate every chance they get.  Whatever the case may be, that someone donated their blood.  God knew where it would be going.  He knew that my daughter would have a need for that exact match today - Good Friday.

The thought of this sacrifice brought tear to my eyes.  Our church has run videos before services during weekend announcements whenever a blood drive was coming up.  Through these videos, I have seen the stories of how blood donations saved the life of family members of a couple of our church leaders.  The stories were always touching.  But today I now have my own story.  Peyton's need for blood to help her through this really serious illness.

I commented on Facebook Peyton's thanks for the anonymous donor whose blood she was receiving. A friend of mine commented the following:

A blood donor to save Peyton - on the day we remember Jesus - the blood donor Who saved us all.


That very profound statement says it all.  Today.  Good Friday.  As I sit next to Peyton watching someone else's sacrifice bring some life back into her body, I remember the Great Sacrifice of Christ on the cross and how his blood was shed for us all so that we could receive life everlasting.

If you have never considered donating blood, please do consider it.  If you have, we truly thank you.  It's because of people like you that I can share Peyton's story today.  Thank you!

{Please listen to "O The Blood" - Gateway Worship - Kari Jobe.  Amazing song for today.}

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