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March 2013 Birchbox: A Review

I received my February Birchbox today!  I am excited to share it with you!  I always love opening my mailbox to discover a bright pink box inside with my name on it.  The theme for this month is:

The card inside says: "Every March, the sports nuts in our lives spend the entire month chattering on about brackets, upsets, Sweet 16s, and Final Fours.  This year, we're getting in on the game.  After all, doesn't Birchbox help you research and create your ultimate beauty starting lineup?  This box is filled with products that make the cut - from up-and-coming rookies to veteran all-stars."

Without further ado, here is what was in my Birchbox.

Benefit Cosmetics | Stay Don't Stray - I was excited to see this sample in my box.  I love the name "Stay Don't Stray".  I hate when I see makeup straying.  This looks like a great product to help prevent that from happening. "This eye primer keeps shadows, liners and concealers crease free and vibrant."

Rating: A {would buy it...but I'd use Birchbox points to do it since it's a little expensive}
Full Price: $26.00

Evologie | Intensive Blemish Serum - I am finding that as I get older, I'm feeling more like a teenager.  Not in terms of my energy level and the way I view the world.  No, it's the reappearance of blemishes that I thought I'd never see again!  I'm excited to try this product in this month's box!  This is the type of product that has to be used over time to see the true benefit, but for now I am please with this item and I am anxious to see how well it works.

Rating: A {would buy it...but I'd use Birchbox points to do it since it's a little expensive}
Full Price: $35.00

twistband | Headband - I have never owned a "twistbrand" brand product, but you can certainly find a lot of online shops selling similar products.  These seem to be very popular both in headband and ponytail holder form.  I personally own several of the ponytail holders and love those - even if they aren't this particular brand.  Given what the product actually is, I can't see how one can really be any better than another.  That said, I'm kind of excited to have this in my box this month.  I cut ten inches off my hair back in September and have kept it shorter.  My chin length hair doesn't go into a ponytail anymore but I do use headbands.  So, I am happy with this!  I received a silver headband.  I'd like to try some other colors.  The price isn't bad - considering you get six in a set.

Rating: A+ {would definitely buy}
Full Price: $19.00

Whish | Shave Crave Shaving Cream - I have never wanted to eat my shaving cream before, but one whiff of this blueberry scented shaving cream made me a little hungry!!  Actually it brought back memories of my childhood scratch-n-sniff sticker collecting days.  "The organic shea butter in this foam-free shaving cream makes for an instantly close shave and leaves skin incredibly soft."  I'm excited to give this a try.  I'm tempted to buy this product, but it's a tad expensive for my budget.  I've found another use for my Birchbox points!!

Rating: A {would buy it...but I'd use Birchbox points to do it since it's a little expensive}
Full Price: $20.00 {150 ml}

Madewell for Birchbox | Emery Board - This was the "Beauty Extra" for the month.  It's an emery board.  Enough said.

Rating: A
Full Price: $5.00

All in all, a good month!!  What was in your Birchbox?


If you are interested in Birchbox, it's $10 a month for the subscription.  You earn 10 points for every $10 spent.  When you've spent $100, you earn $10 to use in their shop!  You can earn points shopping in their shop as well.  Also, you can earn points by referring friends! To date, I have used about $60 worth of points for free products!

If you are interested in subscribing for yourself, click HERE to receive more information!

If you already subscribe to Birchbox, what was in your box this month??

{note: the opinions in this post are strictly my own and I have in no way been compensated for this review}

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