Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Adopted: Into the Word Wednesdays - v 23 {link up}

Back in late 2011, I introduced a family on my blog.  They were beginning a journey - the process of adopting a child internationally.  As I write this, the mom and dad are in Asia having met and adopted their little girl.  Each picture I see posted brings tears of joy to my eyes. 

Isaiah 1:17 says:
"Learn to do good.  Seek justice.  Help the oppressed.  Defend the cause of orphans.  Fight for the rights of widows."
Psalm 68:5 says:
"Father to the fatherless, defender of widows - this is God, whose dwelling is holy."
Matthew 18:5 says:
"And anyone who welcomes a little child like this on my behalf is welcoming me."
Search scripture on orphans or scripture on adoption and you will find that the Bible is filled with scripture on how God calls us to care for orphans.  I have observed this family from the sidelines walk obediently in their calling from God to do just this.  It has been a beautiful journey to watch.

What I have learned through my observation is that the call to adopt does not affect just the family who has followed the calling.  It affects everyone immediately around them.  It also affects the community around them.  Not everyone is called to adopt.  Others have been called to help in other ways - to play a supporting role in the journey.  Our church has a ministry for families in the process of adopting, who have adopted, and those who felt called to simply be a support to these people.  Other still may be the ones who are able financially assist in some way.  Others may be blessed with the ability to pray mighty and powerful prayers on their behalf.

I know very little about the actual process of adoption, but what I know is that it does take a community.  As an observer in this process, I know that I have been blessed.  It is a powerful testimony to others that these adoptive parents have given the community of believers that surrounds them.  We are all called to be the hands and feet of Christ, but it is so powerful to witness this family doing so in such a big way - rescuing one child from an uncertain future, giving her both a father {and mother} and a Father who she will come to know through them.


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