Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Focus of Your Fast

When preparing for a 21 day fast, it is so important to remember that the focus of your fast is not to pat yourself on the back for giving something up for 21 days.  It's not about the weight you might lose if you choose to follow a strict diet during your fast.  It isn't even about how awesome it's going to be to grab that first cup of coffee the morning of the 22nd day {i.e. the day after the last day of your fast}.

Fasting involves discipline, yes.  It is a definite commitment.  But the purpose of your fast isn't to see how well disciplined you can be.  The purpose of this time of fasting is to create margin in your life for God.  During this time, you are removing distractions from your life so that you can re-focus on what is important so that you can allow God in to your life.  It's a time to develop your prayer life.  For some, it may even be a time to start a prayer life!  You may not know where to start.  Let me help you.  YouVersion is a wonderful resource to use to help get you going in the right direction.  This site has tons of reading plans to choose from.  This is the resource I use for my year-long bible reading plans.  They even have a 21 Day Fast reading plan!  I will be reading that and my hope is to post some bits of insight each day.  If you would like to do the same {even if it's only one or two days}, I'll have a link up available on each post where you can share your thoughts on each day.  I will put links in my post to the scriptures being read each day so even if you aren't reading the plan, you can still jump over to the scripture if you choose!

Time in the Word will help to posture you before God and help you draw closer to Him as you try to understand what He is trying to tell you during this time.  Once you have read the scripture and spent some time reflecting on it, then go before Him in prayer.  This prayer time is so important.  You are opening yourself up to Him during this time of fasting.  You are making yourself vulnerable before the Lord.  He wants you to come to Him in prayer.  Not just the big prayers, but the little ones too.  But definitely the big ones.  By focusing on bringing your prayer intentions to Him, you are saying that you are fully trusting Him with those needs.  Do not be afraid during this time {or at any time} to go to Him with needs that you think are beyond what you think you should ask for.  Luke 1:37 says "For nothing is impossible with God."  

God wants us to pray big prayers.  He doesn't want us to be shy.  He wants us to pray strong prayers. Bold prayers.  Pray it like you believe it!  Don't just pray it once.  Pray it over and over.  Throughout this time of prayer and fasting, I will have one prayer focus.  While I will still have prayer time that includes other intention, my daily time of prayer specific to this fast will be for one sole purpose.  

Do not be afraid to go before the Lord in prayer!  Remember, you aren't alone.  God knows your needs, so nothing you have to say to Him is going to surprise Him!  If you feel like you need someone to stand with you in prayer, I am happy to do that.  You can use the "email me" link up in the top right area of this blog to contact me privately if you like.  You don't even have to tell me what it is - just that you would like for someone to stand in the gap for you.  We all need prayer!

Even thought we haven't officially begun the fast, I am excited that there are already people in the blogging community who are interested in this or who are, themselves, already waiting to start something similar with their church.  I welcome you all to share in your journey here!
Daniel Fast 2013


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