Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Incapable - Into the Word Wednesdays - v. 20

I just finished a 21 day series on the Daniel Fast.  If you followed along with that, I thank you.  It wasn't a hugely viewed series at all.  I know I had some followers through it and I am grateful.  Truly I am.  I figure that it doesn't matter how many people follow along - if a message reaches just one person, then it's all worthwhile.

Prior to this series, though, I began going through a rough patch.  Not just in blogging, but personally to some extent.  What I was feeling was probably ridiculous to the outside world, but to me it seemed valid.  I was getting into a funk and, for whatever reason, I had a hard time lifting myself up out of it.  Comparisons were flying around my brain.  Now, I'm not one to get caught up in numbers.  Not in the sense that "I have 8 followers and you have 5,000 and you only just started blogging last week!".  Ok, now that's ridiculous.  Like I said, it doesn't matter what good ole GFC says.  I know that many people aren't reading my blog.  Many are...but not 712!!  But, I'll look at this blog or that blog and see how many people they have and I just know {don't ask me how, because I couldn't possibly} that their readership is through the roof and mine's not.  Awful awful comparisons.  All made up by me and none of them valid!

I felt safe in the fact that I had this 21 day series to lean on.  I completed the series knowing that it had reached a few.  I wrote what I felt "called" to write.  I left my writing til very late in the day sometimes if I just couldn't get the words out that I felt needed to be written.  

I began thinking about the importance of content.  I have always wanted this blog to contain content that was read-worthy and that might somehow touch someone.  I could tell you all about how I did this or that and we went here or there.  That may be what the masses want to read.  But, for me, I have always felt like this blog isn't meant to be like that.

I am in the third year of doing a one-year bible study plan each year.  Each year, I begin at the beginning.  I recently began reading Exodus.  In chapter 3, we find Moses being called to lead the Israelites out of Egypt.  Moses is old at this time.  He feels incredibly incapable of speaking to Pharaoh in the way that God is calling him to speak.  He feels so incapable, that he pleads with God to provide a helper, who comes in the form of Aaron, who will be his voice before the people.

Ok, so I'm not trying to lead a group of thousands of people out of an oppressive nation.  But that passage just resonated with me for some reason.  I feel incapable.  I feel underqualified to be providing faith-based messages.  I'm not a theologian.  I didn't go to bible college.  I'm a Christian and I am on a journey, same as many of you.  All I have to go on are my personal experiences and what I feel led to share.

But I feel incapable at times.  I was reminded through Exodus that you're never too old to be used by God in mighty ways.  Moses was 80.  I'm only 40.  If I'm feeling called to share what I share, then God must have a purpose for it.  I don't know that I will affect thousands, but I don't have to.  Perhaps everything I've ever written is meant to reach one.  I'm also reminded that God never puts you into a situation without providing the resources for you to do what He asks of you.  God doesn't call the equipped.  He equips the called!

So, I feel a little more comfortable today armed with this information.  For whatever purpose this blog is meant to serve, I can go forward knowing that God is in control of it all and that He will provide the words, the way, and whatever follower or reader He intends for me to reach.

I am not incapable.


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