Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ending the Daniel Fast - Day 21 Devotional

Today's Day 21 devotional is coming from YouVersion's 21 Day Fast reading plan.  Each day you will find devotional content as well as scripture readings for the day.  The scripture for Day 21 is Ezekiel 47:1-12.

I love the imagery in this passage.  Imagine yourself in that stream.  You are being led in.  You walk for a while with the water only up to your ankles.  You keep walking into the stream and eventually the water is up to your knees, then your waist.  Further still, the water becomes too deep to walk across.  You must swim in order to cross.  But you keep on moving.  This stream, after all, is life-giving water to the place where it flows into.  "Life will flourish wherever this water flows."  {Ezekiel 47:9} 

Is this not true for our journey with the Lord?  When we first start out, perhaps we are timid.  We walk along securely in the knowledge that we're only a little ways in.  We're only ankle-deep for a while.  But as our faith in Him grows, we are able to take steps just a little bit further out of our comfort zone.  Bit by bit, that comfort zone increases and we're waist-deep.  Then all of a sudden we're full-in, swimming in the love of our Father, armed with His strength and wisdom.  It is the hope that one day we wind up in these waters, deep in love with the Lord.  The hope is that all that we are and all that we do and say is life-giving to those who we encounter.  Wouldn't it be something if we all were at that place, and that everyone we came across enriched us with their life-giving wisdom and guidance, as we did the same for them?

Maybe you're not at that point yet.  Maybe you're still only ankle-deep.  That's ok.  I hope, though, that the experiences you have had during this fast might lead you to deeper waters and that you will choose to deepen your relationship with God.  Maybe this time of prayer and fasting gave you the courage to take one or two steps out of your former comfort zone and you're decided to forge ahead into a new, deeper, more intimate relationship with Him.

Wherever you are at as this fast ends, I hope that you have been truly blessed by the experience.  I have enjoyed this time with you.  While this series on my blog has finished, the faith journey that we are on together hasn't ended.  I hope that you will stick around and continue further along this stream with me towards a deeper, more fulfilling, and life-giving relationship with God.

Daniel Fast 2013

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