Saturday, January 12, 2013

Daily Wisdom Challenge 2013 - Week 1

On January 1, I began my third-ever year long bible study.  Our pastor calls it the Daily Wisdom Challenge {or the "Twitter Bible Study"}.  The purpose is to engage in a reading plan for a year, and post insight from your reading each day, in 140 characters or less!  You can find a reading plan at YouVersion.  This year, I have selected the Historical reading plan which will take me through the entire bible in historical order over the course of one year.

Here is what I learned over the past week:

Gen 1:27 We are created in God's image. How are we doing at reflecting Him in our lives?

Gen 6:14 Sometimes The Lord calls us to do things that make no sense. Trust Him. He knows the bigger picture.

Gen 8:13-14 Even when the storms of life end, it can still take time for life to return to normal. Trust that God is leading you to the right place.

Gen 15:5 Don't doubt God's blessings or His plan for you. You may not have seen His vision for you yet!

Gen 18:13-14 We must believe that God's promises are true, but that they will be fulfilled in His timing, not ours.

Gen 21:1-2,5 God always comes through on His promises - in His timing. We must remember that His timing is perfect.

Gen 22:16-17 Imagine the limitations we are placing on God's blessings for us by limiting the extent of our obedience to Him.

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