Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Year 2 Week 4!

Welcome to Thankful Thursday!  This is a weekly link up I've been hosting on my blog for quite a while now.  I feel like it is so important to give thanks throughout the year - not just when there is a designated holiday for doing so.  In fact, it's important to give thanks each day - for all things and in all situations.  That's what this link up is all about, and I hope you'll join in by sharing your "thankful" posts!

Last night we had our First Wednesday service at church.  I have to say that this has been one of the highlights of my week so far.  Every first Wednesday of the month, our church gathers together for an evening of extended worship as well as a message.  I always find the music at church to be very powerful, so to attend a service that has even more music is amazing.  This time, however, the music that was used was mostly in-house music.  Meaning, most of the worship music we sang {some of which we already sing in Sunday services from time to time} was written by our church's own worship leaders.  It is amazing and definitely just as good {if not better} than some of the music you hear on Christian radio.  They're that good.  And, come to find out, they are putting out a cd of their music in the near future, so I'll be all over that when it comes out!

I am thankful to have an amazing church to call home.  I am thankful for our senior pastor and the leadership of our church.  I am thankful for all of the people who make it all work so that people like me and so many others who are simply lost can find Christ and find a way to being on the right path.

I am thankful for our worship leaders who have brought some incredibly powerful music into my life.

I look forward to First Wednesday every single month.  I always make sure we have nursing coverage at home for Peyton so that we can attend.  Today I am grateful for First Wednesday because:

* It gave me an opportunity to be amongst my church family {we had no nurse Sunday, so I wasn't able to get to church this past weekend, although I did attend online!};

* It gave Ron and I an opportunity for a cheap date night!  Moira has to be in her class for 5:30 on First Wednesdays because of her worship team practice prior to their First Wednesday service.  Ron and I use this early arrival {service is at 7} as a time to have a great meal together.  The church hosts a missions dinner each First Wednesday.  It's $5 a plate and the proceeds go to benefit one of the teams who will be heading out on a global mission trip.  Arriving early also means we get to be first in line at our door to the worship center - those seats fill up fast once the doors open!

* We were joined by a friend for dinner and we had a great conversation about an upcoming special needs event.

* I got to see a friend who is home visiting for a couple weeks.  I met her through church a couple years back when I had hoped to go on a mission trip.  That didn't happen, but I did get to serve salad and bread with her at a missions dinner once!  She's currently living out in L.A. working at the Dream Center.  If you don't know what that is, you need to click on that link and check it out!  What an amazing outreach to be a part of.

* I got to hang out with a choir friend while we waited for the doors to open.  I'll be checking in on her fur babies over the holidays!

* I finally got to meet {in person} a sweet sweet Sister friend from another of our church campuses out of town.  She and I connected through our Sisterhood page on facebook and had not, up til last night, met in person before!  Such a surprise to see her.  So excited to have finally met!

Another view of our awesome stage as it is set for our series leading into Christmas.  This was taken at our last Sunday service, not First Wednesday, but is a better shot of the whole stage. {courtesy of T. Bell}

* We got to sit with another couple {as well as the friend who joined us at the dinner} who we typically save seats for each First Wednesday.  They are friends of mine through worship choir.  Great people!!  If you ever need tips on a Disney vacation, they should be your go-to people!

* We got to sit behind a couple who we almost always sit in front of at Sunday service.  Creatures of habit much??  Always great to see them!

* Amazing music.

* Amazing message by a visiting pastor, Darrin Patrick from The Journey church in St. Louis, MO.  I'll have to share on that in another post.  I now have a whole lot more to digest regarding the fruits of the spirit.  Wow!

It was a great night.  A much-needed pick me up.  At the end of the day, I just thank God for all of this because, really, it's not about any of that stuff.  It's about Him!

What are you thankful for today?


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