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Into the Word Wednesdays - v. 19 - Christmas Miracle

pray over them and anoint them with oil

Our church had an incredible service this past weekend.  The topic of the message was on healing and miracles.  The pastor shared the stories of Zechariah and Elizabeth {read Luke 1:18-20} and Mary {read Luke 1:34-38} and how they received the news of the impending births of their sons.  The circumstances were quite different: Zechariah and Elizabeth were quite on in years - well past their child-bearing years; Mary was young, single, and a virgin!  Yet both received news from an angel that they would bear sons.  Both had different reactions.  Zechariah stood in disbelief and was silenced until the baby was born.  Mary was, I am sure, shocked, but her attitude was that of willingness to be a servant of the Lord.

The message we heard this weekend was about what we need to keep in mind while we are waiting for that miracle to occur in our lives.  It was such a powerful message.  I am sure many people sitting in the church could think of an area or two {or maybe more} where they could use a miracle in their lives - in their family, jobs, health, and so on.  We even heard a powerful testimony of a miracle that occurred within our church body.  If you don't believe in miracles, you should click on that link.

As I sat and listened to the message, particularly as I watched that video, I couldn't help but think of Peyton and my desperate desire that she be healed.  You know we have been praying for her since the day she was born six and a half years ago.  Many of you have joined us in prayer.  So many people, probably around the world, have "met" Peyton and have been taken by her story and have prayed for her.  Yet as we sit here today, she is not healed and, in fact, her health {overall} has regressed and we have more concerns now than ever.

Why can't she just be healed??

Towards the end of our service, many pastors and elders gathered at the front of the church to offer prayer and anointing {just as in the verse in James 5:14 above} to the members of the body of our church.  There were so many prayer teams.  The church was packed more than usual.  People knew that this was going to be a powerful service and they came.  When the time came to approach the prayer teams, I went right up.  I have been to this couple for prayer during services before.  They are elders in our church.  We were told to keep our prayer request to one sentence explaining our need as there would be so many seeking prayer on this day.  I kept as close to that as I could.  I requested prayer once again for Peyton and her healing on her behalf because she could not be there.  I was prayed over with powerful words of prayer.  I was prayed over and anointed for healing for Peyton.  I was a hot mess by the time I returned to my seat.

I know that God hears our prayers and He does answer them.  I've heard it said that He answers them in one of three ways: yes, no, and not yet.  In our experience, God generally answers our prayers in the "not yet" category.  In fact, He often answers our prayers in a way that isn't even the answer that we were looking for.

I believe that Peyton will be healed fully and completely one day.  Would I like for it to be in her lifetime?  Absolutely.  Will it happen?  I have no way to know that.  I do know this - one day she will be fully restored and will walk and run and laugh and talk and be completely healed when she enters His kingdom.

I was so down the entire rest of the day after we got home.  I felt like I shouldn't be feeling that way, but I was very emotional and physically and mentally drained after our service.  Would I have liked to have been greeted at the door by a walking, talking, smiling, happy, healthy six year old??  Yes.  But that didn't happen.  You'd have heard about that by now if it were the case!  I don't know if I was expecting that or what exactly I was expecting.  But nothing changed that day.

But something changed.  And it's not what I was praying for - not at church anyway.

To back up {and to keep a long story short}, a few weeks back I did a little letter writing campaign to several government officials regarding the effects of cutbacks to programs like the Medicaid program that Peyton benefits from - namely, the program that provides us with home nursing care for her.  Cutbacks have cost her precious hours of home nursing and, in part, have played a role in increased illness and hospitalizations.  She used to have more hours - and now she doesn't.  She needs more.  One of my letters was re-directed back to the Medicaid office and Ron and I wound up on a conference call last week regarding what we wanted.  I think they felt it was a "complaint" letter, not a "concerned citizen" letter.  We ended that conversation feeling deflated.  Like nothing was going to change - and, in fact, it might wind up making things worse.  It's government and it's about the bottom line.

On Monday I received a phone call from Peyton's case manager with some interesting news.  I was excited.  Later in the day, the previously unconfirmed information was confirmed via a phone call with the Medicaid office.  The documentation they had requested from the nursing agency had been seriously lacking.  I suppose that they were able to obtain what they required.  I know, for my part, I have been diligently taking my own "nurse notes" on what I do personally when there is no nurse present - and I turned over a day's worth to the nursing agency one day last week.  Those were, in turn, handed over to Medicaid.  I know that it was far too soon for the changes to the nurse's notes to have gotten their attention.  I know what I know based on conversations we had with various people, things were not looking like they were going to change for the better.  But this phone call I had on Monday with Medicaid was to say that Peyton's nursing hours were to be increased effective this coming Sunday!  And not by just a little bit either.  Increased!

The only thing I can say to this is PRAISE GOD!!  It is all through Him that this happened.

You can say what you will about the system finally working out for us or nurse notes or other documentation being the thing that did it.  But to me, there wasn't a whole lot of time that passed between phone calls with Medicaid.  It didn't seem like there was enough time to effect a change like the one we received.  Say what you will, but to us, this was a Christmas miracle!


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