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December 2012 Birchbox - A Review

Today's mail haul was awesome.  It included lots of great things including my December  Birchbox.  The November box arrived on November 17th, so it hasn't even been a month since I received a box.  It's even early, to boot!  {They generally ship on or after the 10th of the month in my experience.}  I have been pretty impressed with my last couple boxes, so I was anxious to tear into this piece of mail:

The packaging this month was very festive inside and out.  It was also very pink!  Birchbox did a great job in packaging their boxes for the holiday edition.

 The theme for the December box was:

On the front side of the enclosed card, they state that "great (scratch that -- amazing, exciting, and delightful) things come in small packages."  As I said, they did a great job on the packaging.  And the contents of the box were definitely "small".  Once I got past the festive packaging, I was surprised to see how empty the box seemed.  That said, I was excited to see what was in the box.

Here's what was in the December Birchbox.

It seems that my box came so early, that the products on their website have not shifted over to show the December box contents, so one I am able to get links to was in my box, I will update this post.  For now, here's the rundown on what I received:

Juicy Couture | Juicy Couture - Another month, another perfume sample!  This perfume is pretty strong, in my opinion.  The card states that "Juicy's signature fragrance is a blend of sweet and floral notes."  It's a nice perfume, but a little strong for me.

Rating: B+ {like it but may or may not buy}
Full Price: $19-$89

Mox Botanicals | Pomegranate & Fig Lip Butter - I tried this right away.  I love lip balms.  And I like this product!  The description reads "This eco-chic balm (in an exclusive flavor!) revives lips with avocado oil and shea butter."  A little pricey, but I would probably buy it.

Rating: A+ {would definitely buy}
Full Price: $16.00

Number 4 | Clarifying Shampoo - This was perhaps the most "blah" item in the box - and it was the biggest too.  The packaging resembles something you'd find in a hospital toiletry kit.  I'm not impressed by the outside of the packaging, so the inside product is going to have to be pretty good for me to consider buying it.  This product is apparently a "low-suds formula", so don't be looking for loads of lather.  There isn't a strong scent to this shampoo, for what that's worth.  I'll have to try this to be convinced it's any good.  Oh, and it's pretty expensive.

Rating: C+ {I'm sure the product is fine but definitely not buying} 
Full Price: $32.00

theBalm cosmetics | Hot Mama - This item was perhaps the coolest looking in the box.  Look at that tiny little box!  It looks super cool.  It even has a magnetic closure.  I saw "theBalm" and immediately thought lip balm, but it's not.  It's blush!  It's actually a really sweet peachy shade which I'm excited to try!  I think I'd be ok with the cost if this is good!

Rating: A+ {would definitely buy}
Full Price: $20.00

This month there was a "Beauty Extra" in the form of Tweezerman | Filemate.  This purple and pink chevron patterned nail file was a cool little extra this month.  I'm always digging around for a nail file, so I'm excited about this. 

Rating: A+ {would definitely buy}
Full Price: $5.00

I have said before that the boxes can be a little hit or miss.  The past couple months have been hits.  I wouldn't necessarily classify the December box as a "hit", but I wouldn't say it was a "miss" either.  I just wish that the contents seemed a little more substantial and that the largest item in the box didn't look so boring.  Still, I'm excited to try these new products and look forward to seeing what the new year will bring for Birchbox.

If you are interested in Birchbox, it's $10 a month for the subscription.  You earn 10 points for every $10 spent.  When you've spent $100, you earn $10 to use in their shop!  You can earn points shopping in their shop as well.  Also, you can earn points by referring friends! To date, I have used about $60 worth of points for free products!

If you are interested in subscribing for yourself, click HERE to receive more information!

If you already subscribe to Birchbox, what was in your box this month??

{note: the opinions in this post are strictly my own and I have in no way been compensated for this review}

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