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2012 : The Year In Review

As the year draws to a close, I have decided to link up with one of my sponsors, Brooke from Covered In Grace, for her Year In Review!

This year has been a long one.  It has been full of many challenges.  Through it all, though, I am trying to see God's hand in the situations and in the people I am surrounded by.  We don't know what lies ahead but I know that God is faithful and He will be with us no matter where the year takes us.

Here are some of the highlights of this past year:

January: I began 2012 entering into a 21 day period of prayer and fasting with my church, just as I am about to do at the start of 2013.  You can find out about the 2012 fast here.

February: If you have been around here for a while, you are familiar with my daughter Peyton.  If not, then you should know that she is our 6.5 year old daughter who has multiple special needs.  She is also medically fragile.  As you read this blog, you will find yourself getting to know a little about our life journey with her.  Our church honors people with special needs on Valentine's Day with a Luke 14 dinner.  You can read about that here.

March: Moira
turned 8 on the 10th!  In March, I wrote a blog post that was about me.  Just.  Me.  What you will find here when you come to this blog.  I also took part in a series called "Blog Positivity Week" over at After Nine to Five.  I wrote about Being An Encouragement, a post that was pretty well received.  Oh, and I met Ann Voskamp!

April: In April, Ron and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary!  I also wrote a post on contentment that seemed to resonate with many.

May: Peyton turned 6 and Ron turned...not 6! My BFF had a big birthday and I wrote a post sharing my appreciation of her as my friend.  I also shared a post on serving others - something I need to re-read and act on again.

June: After struggling with the loss of my mother in July 2010, I joined a grief support group at my church.  We were encouraged to write a grief letter.  I did.  You can read that here.  I was overwhelmed by how many people this letter touched.  Honestly, I need to write an updated one.

July: By the time we got to July, we had a lot of stuff going on.  It was a challenging time.  We have those all the time, but this was a time that seemed to be more challenging than usual.  During this time, I decided to reflect on the love that God has for us, even during these times.  I shared that here.

August: I've been receiving a Birchbox since April.  I've also been writing little reviews on my blog since then.  My August review, for whatever reason, remains the single highest viewed post on my blog ever.  Weird, right??  Aside from that, we took a trip up to Boston Children's Hospital with Peyton for some much-needed second opinions.  It was the most worthwhile set of appointments she's ever had!  Find out about what's going on there here!

September: I began blogging as a "Compassion Blogger".  What that means is that occasionally I will write blog posts for the purpose of promoting the cause of Compassion International through sharing stories of the need for sponsors for children in poorly developed countries.  September was "Blog Month" - a month Compassion sets aside to do an extreme push on getting children sponsored.  I was new and I was totally on board with their cause.  They met {and exceeded!} the goal they had set for the number of children to be sponsored in September.  They ran contests for bloggers throughout the month.  While I didn't win any of the big contests, I did win a few smaller prizes {a couple e-books and hard cover books}, I was actually contacted by Compassion about having my post published on their blog!  You can read my post on my blog here and on their blog here.

October: In October, Salena from A Little Piece of Me and I teamed up to talk about National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.  Throughout the month we shared our stories of loss, hope and healing.  I believe that this series had a positive impact on many going through similar experiences.  I believe this series still has the power to impact the community.  You can read more on the subject here.

November: I had a big birthday.  I wrote some reflections on my thirties to mark the occasion.

December: Christmas is over and we are closing in on the new year.  I feel kind of like I've come full circle as I am currently beginning to write posts on my upcoming participation in a 21 day fast at church!  You can find out details on that here!

Many blessings to you in 2013!  Happy New Year!

Covered in Grace

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