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12 Days of Christmas : Day 4 : Christmas Gifts

We have shared our favorite Christmas memoriesour favorite Christmas cookie, and some of our Christmas decorations!  Today we're talking about gifts.

Friends, I have to say that this is a tough post for me to write for a couple reasons.  First and foremost, there are just so many other bigger things going on in our nation right now that this doesn't seem quite so important.  Second, and perhaps many of you can relate to this, is finances.  I would say the past 6.5 years {note: that is Peyton's age to give you a hint} has been the most financially strapped period of our 12.5 years of  married life.  From personal debt to medical debt to me having to quit my job {losing a significant income in the process to moving a cross the country to the real estate crash that hit around that time {2008} to having a hurricane hit the area where our unsold house was halfway across the country.....the list could go on.  The past few Christmases have been lean.  There hasn't been margin in the budget for much of a gift exchange between Ron and myself.  We made it special for the kids, but we scaled back on our own gifts as well as those for extended family.  I'm not complaining - it's just the reality of the situation we've been in.

I love my husband and I am so incredibly grateful for all of his diligence in following a fairly strict budget for our family.  We're so close.  We're not there yet, but we're so close.  As we approach Christmas this year, there's a little more margin.  I honestly haven't had the mindset for the past few years of having to come up with a wish list.  I honestly could not give you a list of 5 things that I just have to have - not a list of frivolous items anyway.  My list might include underwear, bras, shoes, and other "necessities" - not video games, technology, kitchen gadgets, and so on.  I'm sure it's frustrating for people who ask us what we want!  I don't want anything.

That said, we have a child who has no concept of budgets and what is extravagant.  She could write a list a mile long!  Here are some things that she would like.  I'm not saying she's getting these...but she would like them!  She's 8, so maybe this might give you some ideas for your little lady!!

1. Fijit Friends.  I am not even sure what these are, but Moira is all over wanting one of these things!!  Specifically, she wants the pink one.
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

2.  X Box 360.  If we're being extravagant, here's what we're looking at!
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

3.  Furby.  To me, this kind of falls in the same category as the Fijit Friend.
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

4.  Books.  Moira loves to read, so we are going to get her some books for Christmas.  This Magic Tree House book will get her caught up with that series of books.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

5.  DVDs.  There's always got to be one or two movies in the mix.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Those are a few ideas for Moira.  Now for my husband.  If you were to talk to him about what he really wanted, here are some of the things he might tell you:

1.  55" Plasma TV.  Considering how old our current tv's are, I can't blame him for having this at the top of his list.  And it would benefit us both.  Are we getting it??  See my first couple paragraphs on "lean times".  Not likely.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

2.  Flip Flops.  We're in the South.  This is a must!
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

3.  Notre Dame Memorabilia.  This would definitely go over well with my husband, a Notre Dame alumni {1994}.  Forget the memorabilia - if anyone has a ticket to the national championship game you'd like to give him, I am sure he wouldn't turn that down!!

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

4.  Debt Freedom!  Honestly, for once it would be amazing to live a debt-free life so that we can reduce one huge stressor from our lives.  If we could be debt free, we could think about setting aside money for a house and for other things for our family.

I don't know how helpful these lists are to you, but if you live in our house, it's what people are wanting!

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