Tuesday, December 25, 2012

12 Days of Christmas : Day 12 : Christmas Meaning

We have reached the end of our series, friends!  Kelly from Exceptionalistic, Becky from Tales of Beauty for Ashes, and I are now on Day 12 of the 12 Days of Christmas!  This has truly been a lot of fun.  I hope that you have enjoyed following along.  You can follow the tag "12 Days of Christmas 2012" by clicking HERE.

May I first say Merry Christmas to you all?!  I hope that you and your families are filled with joy, peace, and comfort as you celebrate this day.  I realize that today isn't an easy day for some of you, so my prayers for you that you realize that God is with you through whatever you may be going through.
Today we celebrate the birth of our Savior.  The one to save us all came into this world as a helpless, innocent baby.  A child that would grow up, following a call from his Father.  A call that would lead him straight into the hands of those who sought to kill him.

But in the birth of our Savior, there is hope.  We are all, at times, like that helpless babe.  We strive to follow a call or maybe we struggle to know what that call is.  Jesus gives us hope.  He is the ultimate example of what it is to follow a calling from God.  He is the ultimate example of what we should strive to be like as flawed humans who are sinful in nature.  He came to pave the way for us.  It is through our belief in the Gospel that we come to know the Lord and are forgiven our sins.  Jesus made that all possible for us.

We are flawed, but we can go back to Him each day, for God is merciful and loving and wants us to know Him fully. 

Will we accept the Truth that lives through His Son and strive to be like him?

What is God calling you to this Christmas season?

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12 Days of Christmas 2012


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