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12 Days of Christmas : Day 10 : Christmas Future

Kelly from Exceptionalistic, Becky from Tales of Beauty for Ashes, and I are now ten days into our 12 Days of Christmas series.  You can follow the tag "12 Days of Christmas 2012" by clicking HERE. Today we are talking about Christmas Future.  We are talking about the traditions that we would like to implement next Christmas.

This Christmas season seems to have flown by.  There are things that we wished to do that just didn't get done.  We did get the tree up and did a little decorating.  We did not get the lights up on the outside of the house as I'd hoped.  Between everything going on with Peyton, not enough home nursing hours {which is changing!}, and me being sick for the past week or so.  I spent most of yesterday sleeping on the couch.  Fun times!

One of the things that I would like to do each year is something that I have only done once since we moved here in 2008.  That is, the Holiday Festival of Lights which is at a local county park.  We don't live in a winter wonderland here in Charleston, SC, but it's a lot of fun to take a driving tour through the park looking at the massive display of lights.  Some of the displays are "still" while others are "animated".  It's really cool to look at as you wind your way through the various "themes" throughout the park.  Here are a few pictures from 2008.  Bear in mind, it is a driving tour through the park, so some of the pics are a little blurry!

I need to go back again so that I can try to get more {and better!} pictures to share.  There's a few miles of driving with hundreds of displays to take in!  Next year!!  Not sure if we'll make it there this year or not.

In years past, we typically went back to my home in Canada.  It's just not possible to travel with Peyton {unless it's a medically necessary trip like going up to Children's Hospital Boston}.  So, the past few Christmases have been spent here in Charleston.  I do miss seeing people over the holidays, but I'm rather enjoying spending Christmas at our home, and especially going to our church.  I think this is a tradition I'd like to keep up!

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12 Days of Christmas 2012

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