Friday, November 23, 2012

The Day After Thanksgiving...

So most of my family and friends probably enjoyed their Thanksgiving dinners yesterday on Thanksgiving Day.  Well, we did too.  We were invited to have dinner with friends.  It was wonderful - excellent food and company and a great opportunity to get out of the house!

While everyone else seems to be out there braving the crowds this Black Friday, I am cooking Thanksgiving dinner!  Why??  Didn't I just have thanksgiving dinner?  Well, yes.  However, this time it's at our place.  

My dad is coming today.  He traveled down from his home in Canada to my aunt's near Atlanta, GA.  My grandmother lives with my aunt, so it was a great opportunity for him to see both of them.

It's different this time though.

You know my mom passed away in July 2010.  Over the past year or so he has developed a friendship with someone.  She has made this trip with him.  This will be our first time meeting her.

For now, I am busy in the kitchen getting dinner started.  I'm using the same sheets of paper I received via fax from my dad in 1999 that contained the recipes my mom had typed out on how to prepare a complete Thanksgiving {or Christmas} dinner.  I have used these sheets pretty much 2 or 3 times a year every year since then - Canadian Thanksgiving, US Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

I've been listening to Spotify a lot lately.  As I began prepping the turkey, pulling out the giblets and neck, I heard the words Hey, I just met you.  This is crazy...

Thankful for all the fallen fowl who have given their all for us.

My most favorite kitchen gadget EVER.  The apple peeler corer slicer from Pampered Chef, which I bought from my friend, then a consultant for Pampered Chef.  This little device has served me well for probably ten years.  Maybe more.

It makes making one of these even simpler!  This apple pie, as of right now, is the only part of our feast that is finished.  The turkey is stuffed and in the oven {no stove-top for us}.  The "innards" are boiling on the stove in preparation for becoming gravy a little later on in the day.  Paula Deen's cheesy broccoli bake and loaded mashed potatoes will also be making an appearance later.

I am so thankful my dad has found happiness.

I am nervous.

Later today we'll all meet.  And we will give thanks.

Just a little different this time.

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