Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Year 2 Week 3!

Today is about giving thanks.  Some of you are probably thinking, wait, Thanksgiving was last Thursday.  Well, yes, the calendar holiday in the United States did fall last Thursday.  But in reality, we should be giving thanks to God for all thinks each and every day, not just once a year!  That is why I began this blog's version of Thankful Thursday over a year ago!  Welcome!

I turned 40 just 10 days ago.  In those 10 days, I feel like I've been under constant attack by the enemy.  It seems like most days there has been something that happens where I feel this attack.  Writing, in general, has been a struggle for me.  It's hard to feel inspired when you feel like this.

Somehow in the process of it all, one of the things that happened was an unfortunate event - I got myself into a little predicament - accidentally of course!

Yeah, that was about as painful as that looks.  Funny thing is, the ring went on just fine!  The only way out of the situation was this {which was the last thing I wanted to do}:

While I can't say as I'm thankful for winding up in this situation or for having to cut my grandmother's wedding band off my finger, I am thankful that the Lord was present in this painful situation.  In a period of time where my inspiration is lacking, I found that He had a lesson for me.  I wrote about that HERE.  For that, I am thankful.

I feel like I am constantly having to give thanks to God "in all circumstances".  That is to say, I feel like I am constantly having to dig really deep because there's so much painful or difficult stuff going on.  This week was no exception.  The above photos were taken while sitting in the ER.  No, not for me and that situation - for Peyton.  Again.  What does one call the "event" that she has now had three times where she stops breathing and has to be stimulated, suctioned, and was seconds away from having CPR performed on her??  Do I call that one of her "episodes"??  It's so not normal, but it seems to be becoming our normal.  And I don't like it.  Not one bit.  It feels to me like some on the outside think "oh, that's just Peyton" and bring it up in conversation like it was an afterthought.  I can tell you, as I stand there doing everything I can to get Peyton to breathe as she's turning various shades of grey and blue that her "episodes" are anything but an afterthought.  It's painful.  The experience of watching your child like that is painful.  Yet, though some outside reactions are also painful, I know that God is faithful.  Not only did He allow her to breathe again and not allow us to endure the inevitable pain of death that will one day come, but He placed certain people in our lives who reinforce that He is present.  People who honestly love and care for our family.  For all of that I am thankful.

Right now, I'm just really thankful that we live here:

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