Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Year 2 Week 2!

First off, let me say Happy Thanksgiving to all my family and friends celebrating the holiday in the U.S.!  I hope you enjoy your day immensely and that you are able to take some time today to reflect on the things that you are thankful for!

Today is a single day out of the calendar year to give thanks.  I wonder, though, how many people consciously make an effort to do this.  I wonder how many people just look forward to the feast, family and friends getting together, and football?  I wonder in how many homes the concept of giving thanks is overshadowed by all the hubbub of the day itself.  I wonder how many people simply look forward to this holiday weekend because Black Friday and Cyber Monday follow pretty closely behind.

I wonder how many people truly give thanks.

I began Thankful Thursday because I felt {as several other bloggers do} that it is important to give thanks throughout the year - not just on one specific day.  I love that Thanksgiving is on a Thursday because it's a double dose of "thanks" today.

I am grateful for the feast that we will consume on this holiday.  I am grateful for the invitation from friends to come and join their family in celebrating the day.  I am grateful for these friends and for the invitation.  I am grateful that we even have the ability to do this.  I am grateful for the job my husband has - without it, we wouldn't know these people!

I am grateful for the work my husband does to provide for our family.  I am grateful for all that his employment has allowed for our family.  I am grateful for the health insurance we have because of his job.  You have no idea how grateful we all are for that!!

I am grateful that we have a family that is together.  I am so incredibly thankful for my husband - through good times and bad - we stick together and endure an persevere together.

I am grateful for my children.  To be entrusted with the lives of others is an incredible thing.  I do not take it lightly.  

I am grateful for my extended family and friends.  I am grateful for friends "in real life" and friends I've met here online.  I'm also very grateful for "bloggy" friends who have become "in real life" friends!

I am thankful for a roof over my head, heat and air conditioning, food on my plate, electricity, running water, education, exceptional healthcare, and all of the things that we often take for granted.

Above all, I am thankful for God and the sacrifice of His Son.  I am thankful for His wisdom, mercy and grace.  I am grateful for his strength.  Without all of this, I would be nothing.

Today, I am thankful.

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