Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Week 51

Last Thursday was the third week in a row that I wrote this link up post from Peyton's hospital room.  Last Thursday was the 17th and final day of her hospitalization!  I am so happy and most of all grateful to have her home at last!!

Once again, let me just say how immensely grateful I am for all the medical staff who took care of Peyton over those 17 days.

In last week's Thankful Thursday post, I shared a litany of names of medical staff {doctors, nurses and so on} who I was so grateful for.  I should have been keeping track of all the names in a book from day one.  I didn't but I think God knows who all of these individuals are who I am so thankful for.  They have really and truly taken excellent care of Peyton here. 

I am thankful for the doctors who are a part of Peyton's regular care outside of this {and any other} hospitalization.  We are blessed to have people who truly understand how challenging Peyton's situation can be and who get that she's not like just about any other child.  She's unique to say the least!

I am grateful to our church community who has been providing help in the form of meals since we've been home.  It is so nice to have that part of my life taken care of for now!  Thank you ladies!!

I am thankful this this little space here, where I can share my challenges, triumphs, and insights in life and have the support of so many people, most of whom I don't even know outside of the blog world!

I am thankful that this link up has been going strong for 51 weeks!  I am grateful for all of you who have faithfully been stopping by each week for many many weeks now.  I am grateful for those of you  who are newer to my blog and who may even just now be linking up for the first time!  You are all welcome here and I'm grateful for each of you!

I'm still trying to get back into the swing of blogging since coming home with Peyton from the hospital.  I haven't been posting nearly as regularly as I'm used to, but I'm grateful for the people who have been checking in each day regardless!

While our nursing schedule didn't turn out "ideal" this week, Peyton was well enough for us to take her out as a family trick or treating last night.  I brought her in after we did a couple streets, then Ron continued on with Moira.  Still, I'm glad we were all able to go out together for a while!

While Peyton is home, she is going to have some tests coming up including a few procedures she's never had before.  Once I know more about that, I'll share that here or on her CaringBridge page.  She's doing well at home, but we need to look at a couple things.  Prayers would be appreciated for those.  Thanks so much!

I look forward to reading your posts!  Thanks for linking up with me today!

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