Friday, November 2, 2012

Thankful For...Charleston!


{In the U.S., Thanksgiving falls in the month of November.  I do a Thankful Thursday link up each week, but I wanted to do something more.  This month is going to be a month of thanksgiving on the blog.  There is so much to be thankful for!}

In August 2008, our little family of four moved from Houston, TX where we had lived for over 10 years to Charleston, SC.  We went from living within less than two hours of Ron's mom and sister and her family in one direction and an aunt of his less than three hours in the other.  I had no family of my own there.  
We made the move not knowing a single soul in Charleston.  No family whatsoever.  That said, we have never lived within closer proximity to so many people.  Yes, Ron's family is further away {about 16 hours}, but mine is closer {21 hours to my dad's vs about 30 before}.  My sister is closer, although we haven't made it to her place from here yet.  My friend Heidi is ten hours away in Baltimore.  My aunt and grandmother on my dad's side are about 5.5 hours away near Atlanta.  See, even if we aren't really able to travel ourselves, there's something to be said about just knowing you're closer to people even if you aren't able to just hop in the car and go see them.
Charleston has felt like home since we moved here.  There's just something about this place.  We have loved it here from day one.  We don't have blood relatives here, but we have an incredible church family.  We've made friends through Ron's work, church, and now in our new neighborhood.  Charleston is beautiful.  Yes, it gets pretty darned hot in the summer and it gets pretty humid.  But I've lived in Houston.  Charleston is not as bad as Houston!!  We're 15 minutes or so from the Atlantic Ocean.  We have access to wonderful medical facilities at MUSC.  We're close to pretty much everything we need.
And if you aren't convinced yet that Charleston is an amazing place, check out Conde Nast Traveler magazine.  Last year, Charleston was ranked the #1 tourist destination in the United States.  It's there again this year.  In addition, they ranked it the #1 tourist destination in the world!!
Here's a glimpse of my town.
If you're ever in the area, let me know!



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