Monday, November 19, 2012

Meet My November Large Sponsors!

I am blessed once again with some lovely sponsors right over there on my sidebar.  Some you have been seeing around there for a while {and I love them for that} and a few are new!  I'd love for you to meet some of these lovely ladies today!  Please take a moment to visit their blogs too.  You'll be happy you did!

Hi everyone! My name is Emily and I blog over at Newlywed Moments about everything from romance to recipes to real life. In June of this year, I got married to Hudson – my best friend and high school sweetheart. We have so much fun together and love going on adventures, laughing at ourselves, and staying up all night talking. Some random facts about me: I love Jesus. I hate coffee but I’m still addicted to Starbucks. I’m from the northeast but secretly wish I lived in the south. Oh, and I absolutely LOVE making blog friends…so make sure you come “visitNewlywed Moments! I host a weekly blog hop / link party called Tell Me About It Tuesday which you should totally join. 

The reason why I love Thanksgiving is because it reminds me that I need to keep things in perspective. It is so easy to get caught up in little frustrating things or insignificant worries in this life, but when I step back and think about ALL that the Lord has blessed me with and all that I am thankful for, my whole attitude changes! I love Thanksgiving, but I want this to be a daily thing for me as well!

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Hi there!  My name is Rachel and I blog over at life as Mrs. -- a place where I try to be funny just like to share my life as a newlywed.  For some reason...I’ve got a few of you that like to see what I do throughout the week. I don’t know what they think it's so interesting.  Maybe you should come take a quick peek at my little corner of the world and let me know!  Hopefully you’ll find something you like and stick around for a while!

Hello Beautiful Fontenot Four Readers! I'm so happy to have the HONOR of hanging out on Sarah's side bar. She is such an inspiration to me and I love her tons. My name is Brooke. I'm the girl behind the blog at Covered in Grace. I'd love to have you come and hang out with me there. My writing usually wraps around my faith in Jesus and the people and things I love. There's definitely a generous sprinkling of collaborative projects, hops, and linky parties in there as well. I run the Monday Meet Up each week, and right now I'm part of a great project called Resolutions in Motion. Check it out!

Sarah asked us to share something in the spirit of Thanksgiving today. Tis the season, right?  Well, as I wrote very recently, I am thankful for the Love of God. Having been saved through the Grace of Jesus, being covered in his love and peace and clarity, bring me such a comfort. I experience peace in moments I might otherwise feel overwhelmed or unsure. I feel assured that God will provide for and guide my family each and every day. My soul is well. Thankful really doesn't even seem an adequate enough word. Never-the-less, I am.


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