Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Giving Thanks : Singledoubt

Friends, I would love to introduce you to Kim from Singledou[b]t.  Kim has also just re-launched her Etsy shop under a new name - City Girl Creations!  So once you've visited her blog, I hope you'll check out her shop!  Please welcome Kim to the blog today!


Hello Fontenot Four Readers!  
I am so glad to be here today!  Thank you Sarah for having me!

When Sarah asked me to write a post on what I am thankful for, I really struggled to pick just one. For me, trying to write a post on thankfulness is like trying to fit the ocean into a gallon bucket.  I have so much I am thankful for.  I thought I'd share with you just some of my top items.  

My Best Friend

She is my partner in crime, my other half, my sister in heart and in christ, my roommate and so much more all wrapped up into one amazing person.

My Parents 

I kind of want to separate these out but to save room I'll put them together. These two amazing people are some of the most generous and loving people I know.  They would bend over backwards to love and support those around them.  I am truly blessed because of them.

My Church

TGC Washington Heights.  This group of 40+ people are some of my closest friends. They are my family.  The love they share for our community is awe inspiring

New York City

I moved here almost 10 years ago, never expecting to fall in love but I did. This city has given me some of the most precious relationships and experiences a girl can ask for.

I work with and for some of the most giving, talented, humble people you can ever meet.  They frustrate me at times but overall they are truly God's gift to this city and to me!

My Apartment
God practically gift wrapped my 3 bedroom apartment for my roommate and I, 2 1/2 years ago.  Rent has not gone up in those 3 years (which is unheard of in NYC) and the community is amazing.

My Pastor

I know this should go with my church but he deserves his own shout out.  His love for justice, for hope and for His Lord is beautifully inspiring.  His love for his wife is just as inspiring. I hope someone looks at me the way he looks at her when I am in my 50/60s.

My Art & Crafting

Sounds petty but I am thankful for my ability to make and create things. It really does bring me joy!

God's Provision
I have had a part time job for almost 18 months now.  God has provided for me in so many humbling ways.  I am able to do things I love because of this gift.

My Lord, Jesus Christ
I can't believe sometimes how much and how unconditionally I am loved.  I am saddened at times that people don't know or understand His love for them.  I wish everyone's eyes would be opened to the Love the Lord has for them.

Fall Adventure

I love fall and am thankful for all that it brings. The cooler temps, the beauty.  Most years I go on a road trip with my best friend (see above).  We didn't get to do that this year but I am so thankful for the ones in the past and the ones to come.

My Freedom
I am in awe sometimes at the freedoms I am allowed by being raised in a certain region or culture.  My heart goes out to those people groups, countries or cultures who are living in oppression and distraction.  I get that, even outside my front door, some of those freedoms are not realized.  It's happening in NYC as well as China, Middle East, Africa and more.

These are just a few of the things I am thankful for! What are you thankful for? I'd love to hear them.  Stop by Singledou[b]t sometime and share what you are thankful for!

Thanks Sarah for having me!  You are someone that I am truly thankful for!


Thank you so much, Kim, for sharing with us over here day!  I really hope you will all now head over to Singledou[b]t to visit Kim there!

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