Monday, November 19, 2012

A Birthday Celebration Giveaway!

I made it!!  I have successfully crossed over into that next decade.  My forties.  I wrote a retrospective yesterday about my thirties.  You can check that out here.  To celebrate my birthday, I have several friends who have graciously donated prizes towards a big birthday giveaway!!  Please be sure to enter the giveaway for your chance to win {each prize has a winner!} and then check out their blogs and tell them hello!

I remember my Birthday as a child when I received a banana seat bicycle from my grandparents. That gift stands out in my mind. I loved that bicycle! I thought it was the best bike in the world and I rode it for many years. 

On our Birthdays, my siblings and I got to pick our favorite meal (I think I always chose pizza...) and our favorite Birthday cake. We also had the tradition setting Birthday presents on the dining room table the night before our Birthdays, which brought excitement for the gifts, as you saw them on the table but had to wait until morning to open them. Birthdays as a kid were fun! ~ Becca, A Humble Bumble

My 16th birthday will always be my favorite. My parents threw me a surprise party with over 50 friends. The party was based on the show Survivor, so they split us up into four teams and had different colored shirts that all said “No Fear” on them – and then we had to complete challenges against each other! I have such wonderful memories of that day, and I hope I can do something fun like that for my future children! ~ Emly, Newlywed Moments

My mom gave me a surprise party for my 30th birthday.  I did not know about it but suspected as I walked through the door.  The gifts my husband gave me that night surprised me.  It was my favorite candle from Pier 1 and a 14k bracelet with turtles linked all around, it was so beautiful.  I just celebrated my birthday on October 29th, I turned 43.  It turned out to be a very nice day.  Although nothing was planned, husband had to work and my older kids were busy, things worked out to be a perfect day.  Happy Birthday Sarah! ~ Salena, A Little Piece of Me

My favorite birthday memory is going to a baseball game with my husband.  We have made it an annual thing and I look forward to it every year! ~ Kelley, The Grant Life

Oh yea, favorite birthday memory I can't really think of just one that is a favorite. Which I guess means that they have all been great or there hasn't yet been one that stands out. Either way, I am thankful for each and every one because it's means another year given of precious life. ~ Noel, Noel's Beautiful Life

It's really hard for me to pick a favorite birthday memory...but ONE of from the year I turned 16. My dad took me, 10 of my friends, and my family (which accounted for 8 more people including him) to Joe's Crab Shack for dinner. My friends and I had a great time, dancing on the tables, in the aisles of the restaurant and laughing all night. At Joe's they like to make you the center of attention on your birthday. Sometimes the birthday boy/girl will have to gallop around the restaurant on a broom while the staff sings to them, other times they'll have to fly around with a towel cape screaming "it's my birthday!" But on MY birthday.... they had me stand up on a table in the middle of the restaurant, sing Happy Birthday to myself through a megaphone while the CAute bartender and waiter had their arms around my waist....then, when I was done with my awful rendition of Happy Birthday, the hotties by my side pied me the in the face and on top of the head!!!!! My friend, Randall, was laughing so hard he almost fell down on the floor... and being the goofy teenage girl that I was, I thought it'd be a great idea to jump down and chase him all around the restaurant and smear him with my whip cream face. So I did! Ha! Good times. ~ Brooke, Covered In Grace

~ Stephanie, Red Letter Paper Co.

Just as an aside - I have personally received a Red Letter Paper Co. card in the mail, and I won a few in another giveaway.  These cards are amazing!! {Sarah}

~ Paige, Artsy Anthropology

~ Jessa, Life of a Sports Wife

And my favorite birthday memory, that's a hard one since my memory is horrible! But I love that I used to go to the water slides every year for my birthday when I was younger. Those huge hills you had to climb to go back down never got old then, now is a different story! :) ~ Rachel, Life as Mrs.

When I was 13 my parents threw a surprise pool party for me! It was at a local water park and I was so convinced that I wasn't getting a party, that I walked right past all the people screaming my name! One of my most embarrassing moments, but definitely one of my BEST birthdays. And oddly enough the only surprise party anyone has ever thrown for me. ~ Jennifer, Busy Being Jennifer


Friends, that's a whole lot of prizes and there will be a winner selected for each one!!  Happy entering and best of luck!!

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  1. my first birthday my (now) hubby and i were together... it was really special and i got a bunch of roses.


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