Sunday, October 14, 2012

This Past Week

Peyton had some odd symptoms.
Nothing making her "sick", but a little worrisome nonetheless.
Our home nurse wrote up a paragraph for me to email to the docs.
The cardiologist called me Tuesday morning.
Said it's probably not a cardiac issue, but to see her pediatrician.

I called and shortly after 10am on Tuesday, was in the waiting room of the pediatrician.
She assessed Peyton and recommended we go to the ER; that we'd be better served there.
By 1pm on Tuesday, we were in the ER.
By 10pm on Tuesday, we were in a room in the Children's Hospital.
By mid-morning Wednesday, Peyton was starting to sound really bad - the usual respiratory stuff.
By mid afternoon Wednesday, they were calling a code on her because she suddenly developed more symptoms and was not ventilating well.
Within seconds, 15-20 people were standing around Peyton in her room.
The debate began - PICU or step down, PICU or step down, and so on.
PICU won.

For the first time in over 6 years, we had our first stay in the PICU.
This is not a place I want to revisit.
This is not a place I would wish on anyone.
There is no privacy for anyone and no "comforts" to those visiting.
There is fear.
But about 20 hours later, on Thursday afternoon, Peyton was back in a regular room.

Friday was a better day.  No mentions of when we'd go home, but still a better day.
Four antibiotics became three.
It was a better day.
Saturday morning came and Peyton was so incredibly irritable.  So fussy.  Not happy at all.
Her heart rate was up but no fever.
The doctor doing rounds came in and assessed her.
Went back out to the hall a couple times to check labs.
Returned.  We discussed the great mystery that is Peyton.
There are no answers to what's wrong with her.
The doctor left the room.
The nurse returned and stood at his computer on the cart just outside the doorway.
I lifted Peyton to sitting to adjust her - to make her more comfortable.
Then it happened.  Another episode like last month.  
Breathing stopped.  Only about 30 seconds this time.
But the nurse was right at the door and the doctors just up the hall as it happened.
30 seconds and she was back to herself.
People came in.
She was completely reassessed.
She'd shown absolutely no signs just moments ago when the docs were in before that this would happen.
She was moved to the PICU step down unit.
It's a room at least - closed off, with a place for me to sleep, with a restroom.
So here we are.
Even though we didn't know when we'd be leaving yet,
our stay will now be longer.
More tests.
More waiting.
More mystery.
More prayers needed.

Thank you!

you can read Peyton's CaringBridge page here

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