Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Week 50

Today is day 17 of my six year old daughter Peyton's hospital stay.  I've been here with her for 17 days.  I am extremely thankful that we are getting pretty close to leaving.  I've been updating on her condition over here.  I've also shared a little of this journey on my blog.

I am hopeful that by the end of the day, I will be in the comfort of my home.  If that is the case, then I am beyond grateful for that.  If it is not, then I am thankful that the doctors here are doing everything they can to figure this out.

I am so thankful for modern medicine and for a God who has gifted these people in such a way.  I just pray that He will grant them some additional wisdom and clarity as it relates to Peyton right now.

I am thankful that the medical team here has been discussing her case with her geneticist in Boston because he had some ideas on her overall condition which might be the source cause for what has been going on with her these past few weeks.

Don't even get me started as to how thankful I am for having medical insurance right now!!!

In last week's Thankful Thursday post, I shared a litany of names of medical staff {doctors, nurses and so on} who I was so grateful for.  I should have been keeping track of all the names in a book from day one.  I didn't but I think God knows who all of these individuals are who I am so thankful for.  They have really and truly taken excellent care of Peyton here. 

For the family and friends {especially Ron and Moira} who have been so incredibly supportive these past 17 days, I am truly grateful.

17 days...there are so many things that I am thankful for that I don't really stop and think about.  I haven't set foot outside in 17 days!  I cannot wait to step out of these walls and feel the sun on my face and be immersed in beautiful fresh air!

Despite having been in a hospital for so long and that it is not a restful place, there is a certain amount of quiet that comes along with this place.  I know that it won't be this way.  The quiet I'm accustomed to right now will be replaced with other things.  I honestly pray that I am not overwhelmed by sounds and become irritated easily.  I pray for this upcoming transition back into the outside world with my family.  I pray for Peyton's health more than anything - that we don't wind up right back here anytime soon!

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