Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Week 49

Today is day ten.  Ten days of Peyton being in the hospital.  I shared a bit about that on Sunday.  You can read that post here.  You can also follow the whole story of what's going on with her on her CaringBridge page here.

I am thankful because there have been some moments in these past ten days where I wasn't sure which way things were going to go for her, and yet here we are - still here.

I am thankful because it seems that perhaps she may be turning a corner for the better.  I'm not sure.  I haven't been sure of much these past ten days.  But I'm thankful anyway.

Today I'm thankful for this place and the people in it.

I am thankful for the few little smiles that Peyton has given this past week.  There sure haven't been very many, so when they happen, they melt my heart.

I am thankful that last week's stay in the PICU was less than 24 hours.

I am thankful for the excellent care given to Peyton from the nursing staff here.  I am so horrible with names and even though I see them every day, they aren't the same for us every day, so if I start naming them all, I'm going to forget some.  But I have to say that I felt so bad for one - Benjamin - he is such a great nurse.  Peyton's had him for a nurse here before.  But on this trip to MUSC, she had him the day she had to go to the PICU {although, in fairness, he was on nights and left before the actual event}, and he was present on Saturday when Peyton stopped breathing for about 30 seconds.  Poor guy's going to get a complex...but seriously, thank you to him for being there for her!!

We've been in a few units here in the hospital and I can't even begin to count the number of nurses.  As I said, if I start naming them, I'll forget, but if I say Kelly and Amanda, I think that's got me covered for at least four nurses!! And to all the techs here who are so great with Peyton - I am so thankful for them as well.  If you have had sick kids on antibiotics, you can imagine the messes we've had {especially when you consider she's been on four antibiotics much of this time.  Well, we've kept the nurses and techs hoppin' with multiple changes of bedding over the past several days.  Jessi has been so sweet.  Kristen is just incredible..and it cracks me up when she calls Peyton "Toots".

For Sheri, who keeps the medical team on the same page and who has been such a support, I am so blessed and thankful!

To nurses like Sandy, Sarah, and Sara {to name a few} who just stopped in to say hi and see how we were because they knew Peyton was in the hospital {even though they weren't assigned to her} - thanks for caring enough about her to do that.  It is more appreciated than you know!

I have to say how incredibly thankful and grateful I am to the Respiratory Therapists here.  They don't just stop in and give a couple meds and head out the door a minute later.  No.  Peyton's respiratory treatments are a huge portion of her day.  Mind you, with hospital equipment, the treatment length is considerably shorter.  Still, these are people Peyton and I share a decent portion of our day with.  They are amazing.  I know I'm gonna forget a name or two...but they know who they are and I appreciate every one of them.

The above verse is so true this week.  All circumstances it says.  I have not left the hospital in ten days.  I barely leave Peyton's side.  I haven't seen much of Ron or Moira.  We have had one outside visitor.  Even though I'm surrounded by people, the circumstances are very challenging.

Peyton has an amazing medical support team.  Even though we're all baffled by what's going on and there have been absolutely no answers, I know everyone is doing their best.

I am so grateful and thankful for the support of Dr. S, Dr. B, Dr. McB, Dr. Q, Dr. C., Dr. W, Dr. K, Dr. D, N {he's Dr. Something...a resident...but I've only ever heard his colleagues call him by his first name!}, and the many other doctors who have been part of this most interesting journey.

Aside from not knowing what's been going on with Peyton, one immediate concern is that she has been getting more anemic while she's been here.  Her numbers have been dropping a bit and if they drop ever so slightly to a certain number this morning, she will have to have a blood transfusion.  Now I'm posting this around 1am and you may not even be reading this until the afternoon, so while it's yet to play out for us right now, by the time you're reading this all will be known on that front.  So, if it's early, pray that she can avoid this step in the journey.  She's never had a transfusion before.  Although, perhaps some new blood might perk her up.  And regardless of when you are reading this, would you consider donating blood in your area?  You just never know when someone close to you might need it. While you may not be a donor specifically to that person, know that your donation is life-giving to someone in need.
And, in the non-medical world, I am beyond grateful to Salena for co-hosting Monday's link up for National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.  So many shared their stories with us.  The link up is still open if you'd like to add your posts at any time.  Thank you so much to all the women who opened their hearts to share with us moments in their lives where they were completely broken, devastated, and vulnerable.  It is our hope that you will know that you are not alone in your loss and that you can talk about it and that there are many other women out there who have been through similar experiences who are willing to be a listening ear if you need one.  Thank you.  I am so grateful to each and every one of you.
I am also grateful for the gift that was my Granda - my grandfather on my mother's side.  He would have been 99 years old today.  I am eternally grateful for the man that he was - for his character and the values that he instilled in his own family that are being passed down to the younger generations.
My Granda - George Currie
Thanks for bearing with me through this litany of thanksgiving!  Have a blessed day wherever you are!

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