Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Week 47

Welcome back for my weekly Thankful Thursday link up!  I think it is so important to take time to consider all of the good things that have happened in life and just be thankful instead of letting these things happen without even stopping to consider them.  Truly, daily thanks should be given, but I'll stick with a weekly link up!

This past week has been a truly busy week.  I think I've been at church just about every day for the past week.  Today is actually the first day I will not have had to go for one reason or another!  This past weekend, I sang with the worship choir at church for three services.  It was awesome to be back with them.  I hadn't been with the choir for the past few months or so, so it was wonderful to be back with them. 
I am so thankful for an amazing First Wednesday service at church last night.  The music and message are always so powerful.  I'm so blessed to be part of such an awesome church.

I am so thankful this month for the opportunity to partner with Salena from A Little Piece of Me.  We  are joining together to be a support and encouragement to other women in this blogging community who have experienced the devastating loss of an infant whether during pregnancy, stillbirth, or after the birth of the baby.  It can be a very isolating experience, and we want you to know that if you have experienced such a loss, you are not alone and we invite you to share your stories with us in a link up which we will be hosting on October 15th.
A Little Piece of Me

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I am also just so thankful for you all for visiting here today!  Thank you!

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