Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Meet My Featured Sponsor - Barefoot Hippie Girl!

Once again, Sarah, thank you so much for sharing you space of internet real estate with me today. It is a privilege and blessing to be here.

And, hello all!

I am Bernadette, and I like to refer to my blog persona as my alter ego. Yes, that would be the Barefoot Hippie Girl

I just attended the Influence Blogging Conference this weekend. I was told I very much look like this picture. It's the hair. I call it my intentional plug socket look.

So, back to the Barefoot Hippie thing...I'm not a Hippie. I'll just put that right out here. Though many of the things I do, like home birth, breast feeding, and home schooling were given a new lease on life by the Hippie generation in the 60s and 70s.

Which is why my all time BFF refers to me as her barefoot hippie friend. I thought Barefoot Hippie Girl was a memorable title for a blog, so I ran with it.

And I got another friend to make up a really groovy logo for me, and it was official. I'm totally the Barefoot Hippie Girl now. Besides, I spend 90% of my life walking around barefoot. So, there you go.

I think like the majority of other blog writers, I originally started my blog for two reasons. I wanted to keep my out of state family in the loop with our family's happenings. And I was busy-busy, and had so many thoughts swirling in my head, that I needed a place to write them down. I needed a creative outlet. An outlet that wasn't a ministry or "spiritual".


But, when Jesus Christ is Lord of your life, you can't hide that. You can't relegate that to all areas of your life except one. You just can't. It keeps spilling over.

And, my blog filled with thoughts of Christ. Thoughts from scripture. Thoughts of what I was learning. But, it wasn't just spiritual either. I started using my camera, and sharing pictures of my kids. I started sharing favorite recipes. I shared fun facts. I shared about running, and lists. I shared my day to day and my dreams.

And I loved it.


I think about the beginning of May a few things happened. I did my first link up, and more than 10 people read my post for the day. And I got some followers who didn't know me IRL. And people started commenting on my blog.

This was amazing! Why were others even interested in what I was writing? I prayed about it. What did God want me to do? And, He gave me a vision for my blog.

God gave me Isaiah 40:31-they that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings as eagles. They shall run and not grow weary. They shall walk and not faint.

Now I write my posts-every one of them-with this mission in mind. I write to point my readers to the Lord. I write as a safe haven for my readers to find their strength renewed. I write to encourage my readers in their walk. In this Christian race.

And so I continue to write a lot of the same things. Recipes, devotionals, "controversial" (the posts that define why I believe what I believe), fitness, home schooling and random fun.

I hope that you will mosey on over to my corner of the www, and be encouraged and challenged. I pray that my posts will point you to the Lord. He is the one who never faints, or is weary.


Thank you so much, Bernadette, for sharing!!  Friends, I hope you will wander on over to Barefoot Hippie Girl and say hello!


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