Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Into The Word Wednesdays - v. 13

I have been trying to catch up on my bible reading {again}.  I don't know what it is about being in the hospital, but I find myself not in the Word as I should be!  It's crazy.  You'd think it would be the opposite.  I don't know if it's the fatigue or what.  I think I find myself so overwhelmingly tired that I can read all day long, but I won't absorb anything.

Last night I began reading my daily reading plan again, and this verse really struck me:

It struck me because I had just been on Twitter the night before and had been involved in a discussion with a few ladies about speaking the gospel versus sharing our faith on our blogs.  It was really interesting and I'd love to discuss that more sometime.

But then this verse popped up in my reading last night.  It really hit me in light of this conversation that just because we know the gospel doesn't mean that when we speak it we are doing it for the right motives.  Are we speaking gospel truths because it is on our hearts to share it?  To bring people closer to Him?  Is it for His glory?  Or is it for ours?  It seems really odd to think that someone could be speaking what sounds like gospel truth and have it not be for the benefit of the Kingdom, doesn't it??

On the subject of sharing faith, when we share our testimonies of how God has worked in our lives, is it because we want to bring all the attention and fame to ourselves?  Or is it because we are truly amazed at the power of God in our lives and share it to bring fame and honor to Him?

I see myself that the topic of faith is not the most popular topic to blog about.  When I look at my stats, it's not the faith-based posts that are the most frequently viewed.  In terms of readership, if I didn't throw in a product review of some sort, I'm afraid I'd have very few readers {relatively speaking, of course}.  I could dwell on that and get all worked up about how unpopular my blog is, making up all kinds of crazy explanations as to why that might be.  Or I could focus on the fact that my mission of this blog is to share the blessings in my life that have happened because of Him.

When my focus is on Him {as it should be}, then none of the numbers and stats matter.  They really don't.  I have often taken the view that "if I write it, they will come."  What I mean is that, when God lays it on my heart to write something in particular by way of sharing my faith or some gospel truth I want to unpack for you, then I should write it.  I need to lay aside all expectations of what I think that a particular post will do for people.  I even need to lay aside the written words I have posted.  What I need to do is to write what has been laid on my heart and then let God do the rest.  If He brought it to my mind, I feel that He will see to it that the right people are reached that need to be reached.  Whether that's one person or twenty people.  And as for those product reviews...when I see that my most popular post of all time has well exceeded 5,000 views, I just think that that is 5,000 people that have been reached and that maybe, just maybe God has used one of those seemingly mindless posts to reach someone who needed to reach.  No one says that when you land on a particular page on a blog that you have to stay there.  You never know what posts you've written they might uncover while they are visiting.  It's quite possible that many months after you've written a particularly poignant post {or so you thought at the time}, that that is when you will reach the intended recipient of your message.

And so I will continue along in this little blogging adventure, sharing my stories of faith and hope and healing.  And I will present some gospel truths here - a topic that maybe a lot of bloggers shy away from because of how they will be perceived if they do.  After all, this little space's not really about me after all.  It's about Him and about how it can be used to glorify Him in this world that is so desperately in need of Him.


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