Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Into the Word Wednesday - v. 14 - The Good Work

While I'm struggling to catch up with my normal daily scripture reading, I decided on Monday to join in a new online scripture study called She Reads Truth.  Maybe you've heard of it.  You can visit the blog here and you can join in the reading plan here.  The study is eleven days and it is on the book of Philippians.  

Today is the third day of the study and there are so many verses already which I find I could really reflect on for a long time, especially in light of our current situation with Peyton being in the hospital {it's day 16 if you're counting}.  On the very first day, this verse hit me:

It's one of those verses that, when I begin to really absorb it, has the potential to be life-altering.  Right there in those few words, I am being told that GOD began a good work in me.  He did.  Not me.  Not you.  God did.  It is a reminder of who I am and where I came from.  I wasn't just random.  {Neither were you.}  I didn't just happen.  {Neither did you!}  God created us to be like Him.  HE created us.  To be like Him.  He loved us before we were born.

As we learn and grow, we make choices - to follow Him or not.  We may follow for a while - half-heartedly or fully on board - and then wander away for a time.  Some of us wander and continue on a journey that puts us further and further from what His plan for us.  We may have even accepted Him in our lives early on and never known a life apart from Him.  Some, like myself, are late bloomers and discover Him for all He is a little later in life and we strive to learn more and more about how we can best glorify Him in our daily walk.

Whatever our circumstances, God created us.  I believe that the "good work" He began in us was placed in our hearts on our creation.  I believe that in our acceptance of Him, we accept the responsibility for that "good work" in our lives.  God wants us to be like him.  We are to love Him and honor Him and glorify Him in all that we do - with our hearts, minds, bodies, souls.  

When we live for Him, we fix ourselves on Him.  When we fix our sights on Him, we are better able to accomplish His will for us on earth.  That "good work".  I believe that as we honor and glorify God in doing His work, He honors and blesses us by equipping us in just the right ways to see this work through to the end.

And this work will continue on until we see His Son.

What are you focused on?  What is distracting you from seeing Him and all that He has to offer?

Perhaps it is worth considering the questions that our pastor ends his weekly sermons with: What is God telling you?  What are you going to do about it?


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