Friday, October 26, 2012

A Hullabalu Review

I was recently contacted by an upcoming new online toy store called Hullabalu to review one of their products and get the word out about their shop!  They sent me a link to view some of their favorite products - all the most adorable stuffed toys - so that I could select one to review here.  This new store {based in New York} will be launching soon.  They wanted me to be sure of the quality of their products, so I selected Sassy Hippo.
The bright blue box from Hullabalu arrived promptly.  Unfortunately, I was in the hospital with Peyton when it arrived, so I haven't been able to review the product until now.  It's always exciting to receive packages in the mail, but I think anyone receiving a product from Hullabalu will be super excited when they see this box show up at their door!
I carefully opened the box to find that Sassy Hippo was not thrown casually into the box, but that she had been carefully wrapped in two layers of tissue paper, with a bright blue Hullabalu sticker holding it together.

As soon as I saw her, I knew Sassy Hippo was going to be pretty special!  I mean, look at this face!!

This toy is so incredibly soft.  Her limbs are not stiff like some stuffed animals you might see.  She's incredibly huggable and snuggable.  She's two shades of pink.  She literally has stars in her eyes.  Her snout and paws {please don't judge if my hippo anatomical terms are incorrect!} are sparkly silver.  She also has super cute dark pink and green nails!

I can assure you that if the products that Hullabalu launches in their store are as great as this one, you will be quite happy with your purchase.  Right now, I'm inviting you to Hullabalu so you can sign up and be in the know when they launch!  Looks like there's a reward system with this store too, so that's pretty cool!

I can't guarantee what will be in their shop, but here are some of the precious little faces from which I got to select Sassy Hippo.  They each have sweet names and a little story with them.  Aren't they adorable??

{Note: I was invited to review this product in exchange for the toy shown.  While I did receive the toy as compensation, the opinions in this review are my own.}

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