Monday, September 24, 2012

Words From A Sponsored Child

I am a child.  I live in a small village in the country of Rwanda.  I live with my parents.  Some children here do not live with theirs anymore.  A long time ago, some very bad things happened here and many of our people were killed, including my grandparents.  I am scared all the time that something like that could happen again.

There is not much work here for my family.  My parents work very hard when they can find jobs, but even when they do, they do not make very much money.  It is very difficult for them to raise a family which includes my brothers, sisters and myself.

We live in a house that is made of mud, with dirt floors, and scraps of tin metal for a roof.  We don't have much clothing.  What I have was passed down from my older siblings, so what I have is pretty worn out.

There is little hope for a future living like this.  But there is hope.

How do I know this?

I am a sponsored child.

In my village there is a student center where there are people from Compassion International working very hard to make life better for us.

I waited a very very long time to get a sponsor like many of the other children in my village.  I waited 274 days, but then I was sponsored and my life was changed.  I have a sponsor somewhere in America.  I don't know much about that place except that it is very far away.  My sponsor writes me letters.  I read them at the student center and the volunteers there help me to write letters back to my sponsor.  My sponsor asks me how I am doing and how my family is.  My sponsor tells me about their family and I am learning a little bit about their culture while I try to teach them about mine.  I have never met my sponsor, but they tell me that they love me.  They tell me that they are praying for me.

Before I had a sponsor, I did not know very much at all about the Bible and about Jesus, but my sponsor has taught me very much.  My sponsor gives me words of encouragement like this:

Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you," says the Lord.  "They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope."

This is why I know there is hope.  Because God says it is so.  My sponsor shares their favorite Bible verses with me to help lift me up and encourage me.  I did not have a very good image of myself before I knew Jesus and now that I know him, my views have changed.

With the money my sponsor sends, I am able to learn more about Jesus.  I am able to get medical help, which many children in my village cannot do because they do not have the money and they do not have a sponsor who can help.  I have been able to do so much more because of my sponsor.  They even sent my family a gift at Christmas!  We have never received a gift like this before!  The things that my sponsor does for my family and for me helps us to be able to get by much better than other families who do not yet have sponsors.

There is so much poverty here and so many hurting families.  I wish that more children here had the love of a sponsor like I do.


Imagine if this were you or your child.  What would you do?  What will you do??
You can start by looking into sponsoring a child here.

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