Friday, September 7, 2012

We're Moving!

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Our apartment lease is up in 11 days and we are moving!  We have lived in Charleston for 4 years and 1 month.  This will be our fourth place since we've been in Charleston.  It will be our 7th place in 13 years.


I have missed having a house for four years.  We had one in Houston.  We've been living in an apartment since moving to Charleston.  I already knew I wasn't an "apartment person", but we stuck it out.  I'm not sure why exactly we never looked into renting a house instead.  I have no answer for that.  However, we are moving and our new home will be a townhouse.  It's an end-unit, so only one neighbor!  It's to the side, not on top or below.  I cannot stress to you how much I cannot wait to not live underneath someone.  

I shouldn't complain.  We have had a nice roof over our heads no matter where we've lived - house or apartment.  But if I have a choice in the matter, I now must firmly choose house {or townhouse as the case may be} over apartment.  There's just something about this townhouse that will make everything seem more like "home" than our apartment has.  Maybe it's the paint.  For four years now, we've lived in apartments with the typical "builder's white" paint.  I am not a fan.  The new place has multiple colors throughout - and almost all of them are colors I would choose myself.  One room will be repainted.  There's something about a nice color palette throughout your home that makes it feel home.

I wish there were a way to just teletransport everything in an instant rather than having to go through packing up everything and unpacking.  The good news is that we're only moving a few miles, which means a lot of stuff can be picked up and moved "as is".  Clothes can simply be thrown in the car.  But it's still a move and it's still lots of work.  And it's still stressing me out.

I am excited to be in a 3 bedroom place instead of a two bedroom.  I'm excited for Moira to have her own space finally.  I'm excited to have an upstairs.  I've lived on one level for about 13 years or so now.  I like two stories.  I like that the new place has the kitchen in the back and that it's not open to the living room.  I like that there's a screened in back porch that looks out onto a wooded area {no "backyard neighbors"!}.  I'm looking forward to having coffee and meals out there as well as reading and relaxing!

So...if you're local and you really love moving...we're moving on the 15th if you want to help!! ;)  lol

Also...if you are family or a friend and you have my current address, you're going to need to update it!  Click the "email me" button at the top and shoot me an email so I can send you the new one!

And lastly, could you please pray for my sanity until we get through this process??  Thanks!!

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