Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Week 45

Aside from being continually grateful for Peyton's health and life, this week I am very thankful that our family is no longer living in an apartment!!  Our lease was up this past Tuesday.  We decided to look for a house to rent rather than continue on in our apartment.  We had two bedrooms but really needed three.  Our apartment complex - where we lived for four years - was pretty anti-neighbor.  Since we moved in to our new place within the past week, I have had more interaction with neighbors than I had in over four years at the apartment complex.  Oh, it's not all anti-social, but I didn't care living in what seemed at times like an over-grown frat house.  So, I am very grateful to be living in our new home, which is a three bedroom townhouse.

In the past week, Moira has had more play dates than in the entire past four years.  It's a fairly sad commentary on the past four years, but it is something for which I am truly grateful for now.  Our next-door neighbors have three children, ages 7, 4 and a 6 month old baby.  Moira has played with the two older ones {boys} several times.  They've played over here.  She's played over there.  

We live on a semi-circular {kind of} street.  Moira has the choice of two bus stops - one at either end of the street.  The one we tried on Monday has several older boys and I wasn't to excited by what I saw.  On Tuesday we tried the other one, and that's the one we'll continue to wait at, although everyone eventually winds up on the same bus.  The one we're using has upwards of 15 kids - boys and girls - and there were adults present with the kids, unlike the first stop we tried.  I already knew one of the moms from Moira's soccer days, and Moira already knew some of the kids from school.  I am thankful that this neighborhood has so many kids that she can get to know!

It has not been an easy past week and a half, what with Peyton suddenly winding up in the hospital and then moving at the same time.  By the time she got home on Friday we were starting to feel much pressure with the move as we had lost most of the week because of the hospital stay.  I just want to take a moment to thank my mother in law, Susie, very much for everything that she did for us this past week.  She came from Texas from Thursday until Tuesday.  This was already planned long before Peyton got sick.  For the second move in a row, Peyton wound up in the hospital!  Susie's help was far above and beyond what we expected or deserved!  She went way over and above what was necessary and for all of that, we are so incredibly grateful!

Now, if the organizing fairies would just show up and get everything put in its proper place....

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