Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Week 44

This "Thankful Thursday" week is unlike so many others.

THIS week I am quite literally thankful beyond all measure and blessed beyond all comprehension for one precious life.  Since the events of Sunday evening {at about 11pm}, my perspective has changed.  I have experienced some pretty real and raw emotions because of what happened.

But I am grateful.

Not for the crisis that occurred.  Or maybe I am.  Maybe this needed to happen to draw me even closer to God.  Maybe this needed to happen so that I could literally recognize in the midst of the crisis that I needed God - not sometime after the fact, but during the crisis.  You know, often when we experience challenges, we muddle through, we face it, we go through the raw emotions - but it isn't until the immediate crisis has passed that we stop and think of God.

Yes, in the middle of seeing my child fight for her very breath, I recognized Him and as she finally drew in that breath after what seemed like an eternity, pink once again filling her gray skin and blue lips.

And I am grateful.

Grateful that He may have tried to call her but ultimately used His healing hand as He chose to leave her with us.

For now.

And I am grateful.

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